5th January 1999 Archive

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  • IBM loses in e-symbol war

    Where do you find the pesky symbol?

    Business 05 00:47

  • Why Microsoft wanted to buy Intuit

    And why it threatened the company with a $1 billion in development cash for Money

    Business 05 10:22

  • MS moves to block Intuit testimony

    Which means we should look closely at the bits it wants ruled out

    Business 05 10:25

  • DoJ stirs pot over MS sabotage denial

    Microsoft's attempt to neuter Felten's testimony seems to be misfiring badly

    Business 05 10:27

  • Intuit exec claims MS pressure killed Compaq deal

    Even a successful competitor's alliances are limited by Microsoft, it seems

    Business 05 10:30

  • UMC to fab Rise chips

    Has access to x.86 technology

    Business 05 11:02

  • Vodafone plans rival Airtouch bid

    The UK company is attempting to head-off Bell Atlantic's offer

    Business 05 11:15

  • Compaq stays tight lipped over Ts&Cs

    Resellers left in dark as Great Stan of PCs puts squeeze on top tier

    Business 05 11:15

  • Contractors' lawyer tells MS to withdraw ‘invalid’ contracts

    Cynical attempt to browbeat them into signing away their rights, says here...

    Business 05 11:40

  • LCD PC display market set to grow in 1999

    Technology finally taking off

    Business 05 11:42

  • Mobile frenzy boosts market values

    Phone-in-a-box schemes prove big seller in run up to Christmas

    Business 05 11:50

  • Big cache Xeons launched for big cash

    SMP market processors costa fortune

    Business 05 13:10

  • VideoLogic boosts UK channel

    Imago Micro to take full range

    Business 05 13:18

  • Elcom streamlines ecommerce operations

    Branches out into chairs and tables, too

    Business 05 13:48

  • Intel bucks general semiconductor decline in 1998

    Dataquest survey shows industry had turbulent time

    Business 05 14:06

  • ISP Prodigy wins four-year court battle

    Net libel action rests on 50 year-old case law

    Business 05 14:08

  • SAP profit warning saps UK strength

    German company blames Japanese woes

    Business 05 14:09

  • Poirot catches up with Gates cream pie terrorists

    And at $90, entartement is cheap at the price...

    Business 05 15:51

  • Corel beefs up support for NetWinder Linux machines

    A deal with Wang Global should help broaden its sales

    Business 05 15:54

  • Amazon.com sales rocket

    But cyberbookstore still making a loss

    Business 05 17:01

  • Review: Freeserve – free Dixons interconnectivity

    I had a lovely ThinkPad, 600 was its name, and then I installed Freeserve, and ne'er it was the same

    Business 05 17:41

  • Apple launches 'world's fastest PC'

    Brings iMac styling to professional desktop line

    Business 05 23:01

  • Apple apes Swatch as iMac ships in multiple colours

    Consumers more interested in shades than CPU cycles, claims Jobs

    Business 05 23:04

  • Apple drops QuickDraw 3D in favour of OpenGL

    Open graphics standard to be integrated into MacOS, made standard Mac 3D API

    Business 05 23:08

  • MacOS X Server to turn iMac into fully-fledged NC

    Server OS to ship in February

    Business 05 23:10

  • PlayStation emulator launched for Mac

    Provided Sony doesn't sue the pants off the developer...

    Business 05 23:13