4th January 1999 Archive

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  • Microsoft sues over ‘cybersquatting’

    So if you registered edlin.com, sooner or later you've got trouble...

    Business 04 08:19

  • Spin and counterspin in MS-Bristol suit

    Victory for both sides? Well, they both claim to be very pleased...

    Business 04 08:39

  • Judge finds Windows 2000 may slip a millennium

    Courts ruling you probably can't make your ship dates? Surely the ultimate humiliation...

    Business 04 12:25

  • Microsoft eyes up BT's cable franchises

    TV could be big break for Gates

    Business 04 14:02

  • C&W buys German ISP for £27.5 million

    European explansion going according to plan

    Business 04 14:27

  • Micromuse founder spends New Year in jail

    In custody until Thursday - crack seized, allegedly

    Business 04 14:49

  • Gateway sub ALR Newbury shuts

    Stock will now come from Elsewhere

    Business 04 15:02

  • Updated: IBM will make K7s too

    Plot thickens by the day

    Business 04 15:14

  • Careless whisper makes big splash


    Business 04 15:15

  • AMD on verge of further K7 desktop wins

    Compaq just the first, says source

    Business 04 16:09

  • LG Semicon hanging on Seoul thread

    Company in UK on "tenterhooks"

    Business 04 16:37

  • Compaq firmly denies exit from networking

    Rubbishes US stories

    Business 04 16:53

  • Xaar makes no sales in 1998

    Blames slow down in Japanese economy

    Business 04 16:56

  • Zut Alors! Compaq France still in talks

    How many French hens are there?

    Business 04 17:34

  • Cyan not a pepper for NatSemi

    Don't journalists know how to spell?

    Business 04 21:40

  • Adobe to buy GoLive

    Popular Web design tool to help fill out Adobe's patchy product line

    Business 04 23:15