31st December 1998 Archive

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  • One month ago today: Intel quietly cuts Celeron prices

    We're vertically but not journalistically challenged

    Business 31 Dec 09:10

  • Triads reach Cyberspace

    Singapore member arrested

    Business 31 Dec 09:33

  • Acer plans broadband PC-mobile phone combo

    And the technology seems to represent a design win for Qualcomm...

    Business 31 Dec 10:46

  • Microsoft's plans for ‘WinATMs’ Everywhere

    William Harris' deposition describes a planned link with MasterCard in 1994

    Business 31 Dec 10:48

  • AMD plans 1000MHz K7 copper whopper

    IBM, Motorola, AMD – plot thickens

    Business 31 Dec 12:10

  • Intel says days of overclocking gone

    New chips will prevent it

    Business 31 Dec 15:39