30th December 1998 Archive

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  • AOL seeks damages in spam case

    The company's litigation isn't stopping for Christmas...

    Business 30 Dec 07:55

  • SGI hunts escaped workstation spec

    Can the company get the lid back on for another 12 days?

    Business 30 Dec 07:56

  • Microsoft attacks Intuit exec's testimony

    But it hasn't actually been filed yet...

    Business 30 Dec 07:59

  • Gates hires actors to play real people

    Hey, maybe Steve Ballmer's been acting all this time as well...

    Business 30 Dec 08:03

  • Four years ago: Intel analyses flaw in Pentium

    We analyse the Satan's use of the word flaw

    Business 30 Dec 08:42

  • All things must come to Passaro

    Resigns as Citrix VP of worldwide sales

    Business 30 Dec 08:57

  • Updated: LG Semicon – We will sue ADL

    LG Semicon owes seven trillion won,US antitrust fears grow, foreign projects put on ice

    Business 30 Dec 09:43

  • Compaq, IBM dump on Taiwanese PC manufacturers

    Island could lose loadsa OEM business

    Business 30 Dec 10:27

  • Cryogenic AMD K6-2 system clocks 500MHz

    US company super cools chip

    Business 30 Dec 12:01