29th December 1998 Archive

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  • Intel in 1999 – Mother Shipton beckons

    Future will see pricing graph drop and clock graph rise

    Business 29 12:08

  • Ellison's Sayonara wins boat race

    But six dead

    Business 29 12:23

  • Toshiba unveils ultra-portable PC hard drives

    New HDDs slim and sexy. Apparently

    Business 29 16:48

  • US Commerce Dept to issue lighter crypto rules

    New regulations ease export of 56-bit and greater encryption software

    Business 29 16:50

  • Record label pulls artist-sanctioned MP3 tracks

    Capitol demands Billy Idol, Beastie Boys remove CD quality downloads

    Business 29 16:54

  • Norway legalises hacking

    If you want your system on the Net, you have to live with the risks, says Supreme Viking Court

    Business 29 16:57