28th December 1998 Archive

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  • Deutsche Telekom pulls plugs on rivals

    The German giant is terminating its interconnect contracts from Friday

    Business 28 Dec 09:06

  • Ellison damns Netscape-AOL deal

    But the lad has a curious, and somewhat partial, perpective

    Business 28 Dec 09:08

  • Now France gets Santa Pfeiffer treatment

    Six geese a-laying...err shouldn't that be 1,400 Compaq French hens?

    Business 28 Dec 09:57

  • Creditors get tough with LG Semicon

    Korean spat takes on European dimension as banks pull rugs

    Business 28 Dec 10:28

  • Three years ago: Intel's MMX extensions blunder

    Pentium Pro a consumer platform. Hah!

    Business 28 Dec 10:51

  • IBM gives readers chance to laugh at NCs – again

    When it comes to NCs, Big “Two Tear” Blue can’t help itself

    Business 28 Dec 17:09