24th December 1998 Archive

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  • Compaq decks an extra 2,700 jobs

    Info comes to light after form filed with SEC

    Business 24 10:37

  • SAP buys former Digital unit

    But 800 more jobs likely to go in Germany

    Business 24 10:51

  • Hyundai, LG Semicon deal on

    Little says Hyundai should get large but LG cross

    Business 24 11:14

  • HP to widen range of products sold direct

    Expands Web site to sell printers, more PCs

    Business 24 11:34

  • AOL's Case worth cool billion

    It was nothing -- just a pizza cake

    Business 24 11:40

  • Apple preps MacOS 8.6 to drive shift to MacOS X

    Nanokernel to give taste of Mach benefits

    Business 24 11:47

  • Microsoft, IBM sued over Y2K non compliance

    Big Blue gets suit…who will be next?

    Business 24 11:48

  • Great Santa of Journalism outlines Yule logs

    We'll be digging skeletons out of the cupboard throughout

    Business 24 11:53

  • iMac revision C to offer 300MHz CPU

    Faster consumer Mac due to ship in February, claim sources

    Business 24 12:02

  • Windows speeds up if Netscape shell used instead

    Operating system faster in simple operation

    Business 24 17:58