23rd December 1998 Archive

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  • Ericsson plans merger of wireless and IP systems

    A test under way in Georgia provides businesses with their own mini local wireless networks

    Business 23 09:09

  • Sun makes peace offering to Java rebels

    Sun is coming a-courting to the HP-led Real Time Java group

    Business 23 09:11

  • DoJ says MS exec misled in his deposition

    Allchin's recall for further questioning is being sought

    Business 23 09:12

  • Compaq to get out of networking

    So much for Pfeiffer's vision thing

    Business 23 10:31

  • Survey: Colour printer market booms

    Report claims imaging technologies, Net and SoHo market drive growth

    Business 23 10:42

  • Cyberian Outpost Q3 loss beats Street

    Online retailer lost $1.1 million less than expected

    Business 23 10:56

  • France Telecom cuts interconnection charges

    One week after an Internet strike...

    Business 23 11:34

  • 3Com Q2 sales up 29 per cent

    Surprise, surprise...

    Business 23 11:52

  • AMD to resist Intel price pressure next year

    Claims chip giant's business model creaking at seams

    Business 23 12:11

  • Katmai is Pentium III

    Ad magazine leaks name

    Business 23 12:20

  • 278 years ago today: Sir Larry predicts bubble will burst

    Tycoon warns South Sea Bubble can expande no more, will pop any daye now...

    Business 23 12:33

  • AMD K6-3 to achieve volume in February

    First review of product claims high performance

    Business 23 12:39

  • HP wants resellers to Connect with customers

    Trying hard to be appealing

    Business 23 12:55

  • Unholy war breaks out between Intel-3Com

    Great Nick of NICs claims victory over the Great Satan of NICs

    Business 23 13:00

  • Psion wins Euro design award

    That must feel like Christmas

    Business 23 13:34