22nd December 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Intel sings like canary with flu

    Secret price cut shape of things to come

    Business 22 10:58

  • iMac top-selling PC in US

    Number one retail seller in November pushes Apple marketshare to ten per cent -- but can it last?

    Business 22 11:29

  • Errant Virgin boss drops balloon sponsor in it

    Satphone outfit ICO Global may not be flavour of the month in China

    Business 22 11:39

  • German Mac users, resellers mobilise against Apple

    But can Apple cope in one of the world's most cutthroat markets?

    Business 22 12:21

  • Punter stung by sting

    Dog's life for dipster tipster

    Business 22 12:25

  • Season of goodwill fails to extend to online shopping

    Web sites full of bells and whistles, but far from user friendly

    Business 22 12:34

  • CTS exhibitors get bug for year 2000 show

    Next month's show doubled in size, dates already set for 2000

    Business 22 12:37

  • Rambus sugarcoats bitter licensing pill

    Offers 400,000 cheapo shares to DRAM companies

    Business 22 12:43

  • ClaraNET wants to be in tune with more resellers

    New incentives could be music to their ears

    Business 22 12:46

  • Quantum3D maintains alliance with 3Dfx

    3Dfx will still supply chips to Quantum3D despite move into card manufacturing

    Business 22 12:50

  • Nokia pumps up German arm

    Rounds off good year with plans to expand

    Business 22 13:05

  • Samsung makes non-volatile DRAM breakthrough

    Combines flash and conventional memory in single package

    Business 22 13:06

  • Windows NT systems targeted by new ‘network’ virus

    Remote Explorer claims first victim: MCI WorldCom

    Business 22 13:23

  • Rise wins Acer chipset support

    Mobile platform en route

    Business 22 13:25

  • Apple kills Best Buy cut-price iMac policy

    Don't price below cost -- or else, the Mac maker apparently warned the US retail giant

    Business 22 13:45

  • Chas ‘n’ Dave out of favour with HP

    IT firm gives red card to sponsorship deal

    Business 22 13:56

  • Cognos snaps up Guildford-based Relational Matters

    $10 million secures small UK firm and its business intelligence tool

    Business 22 17:12

  • Compaq no Father Christmas as Alpha layoffs rise

    Further Pfeiffer consolidations mean even more shutdowns

    Business 22 18:23

  • Cyrix clarifies its roadmap to the heights

    It's a tad different than it was...as in better

    Business 22 18:45

  • Intel, Microsoft team up to pollute the world

    Cars are worse than people smoking tabs

    Business 22 23:38