21st December 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Intel to slash PII prices next month – 233MHz this month

    Santa Clara doesn’t believe in Santa Claus

    Business 21 Dec 08:12

  • Acer attempting to sell semi division

    But Stan Shih struggling to turn the company round

    Business 21 Dec 10:39

  • Intel poo-poos 100MHz Front Side Bus Celeron

    Doesn't mean it won't do it though

    Business 21 Dec 10:47

  • ST Microelectronics to buy half of Mitsubishi's flash

    And Hitachi to flog its silicon wafer side

    Business 21 Dec 10:52

  • 3Com pumps up Palm platform with wireless stake

    Teams up with wireless software firm to promote handhelds to business users.

    Business 21 Dec 11:19

  • Now Samsung and Daewoo at hammer and tongs

    More chaebol trouble hits South Korea

    Business 21 Dec 11:29

  • Oasis' record label to distribute MP3 singles free via Web

    Net tracks to be posted a month ahead of CD single release

    Business 21 Dec 11:53

  • Intel makes Scrooge-like Celeron pricing decision

    Company described as “deeply cynical"

    Business 21 Dec 12:21

  • Register WebCam

    Updated regularly during office hours

    Business 21 Dec 12:35

  • Rise to announce Socket 370 breakthrough

    Will announce its fab partner this week

    Business 21 Dec 13:42

  • Handset vendors buy in expertise

    Motorola wants digital crown from Nokia

    Business 21 Dec 13:44

  • Virtual Internet reverses into Charriol

    £15 million price tag for Net services company

    Business 21 Dec 13:47

  • Govt investment to make ‘no impact’ on hi-tech start-ups

    DTI simply robbing Peter to pay Paul

    Business 21 Dec 13:48

  • Microsoft plays smart card leapfrog

    Bankrolls De La Rue co-operation, according to UK press leak

    Business 21 Dec 14:16

  • Demob happy Court shows pointers to Microsoft Trial verdict

    Our Graham is surprised by Judge Jackson's AOL Netscape ruling

    Business 21 Dec 14:49

  • Recyclers call for EU directive to be scrapped

    Plans are too costly and too vague to work

    Business 21 Dec 14:59

  • Microsoft Trial: those depositions keep rolling in

    Evidence from Caldera, Disney, Sun, NCI and the usual OEMs

    Business 21 Dec 15:16

  • Disney roughed up by 1,000 pound gorilla in browser negotiations

    Unable to link to Netscape

    Business 21 Dec 15:21

  • Slapped wrists for EDS

    Delays to housing benefit payments lead to compensation pay out

    Business 21 Dec 15:22

  • SCO ‘forced out of desktop market’, deposition reveals

    Identified as OS competitor

    Business 21 Dec 15:26

  • NCI dislikes proprietary standards

    No freedom to innovate,firm says in trial deposition

    Business 21 Dec 15:30

  • Caldera reveals OpenLinux OEM distribution problems

    Another Microsoft deposition corker

    Business 21 Dec 15:37

  • OEMs toe Microsoft line

    PB, HP and Dell have their say in MS depositions

    Business 21 Dec 15:45

  • Sun puts in the boot with Microsoft trial deposition

    Argues over integration

    Business 21 Dec 15:50

  • Compaq goes server crazy. But which chip? And which flowerpot?

    Is it Bill (Alpha) or is it Ben (Intel)?

    Business 21 Dec 16:09

  • Barclays signs CyberCash for e-commerce authorisation

    As digital cash system fails to find favour, Barclays credit cards taking off PDQ

    Business 21 Dec 16:26

  • Taiwan in turmoil over preferred lists

    Will the government go for the WTO or for the USA?

    Business 21 Dec 16:51

  • Carrera careers ahead

    Relocation holds key to new jobs

    Business 21 Dec 16:56

  • PSINet blames Energis for network problems

    Quit whingeing and pull your finger out, say customers

    Business 21 Dec 17:02

  • AMD says it will take on Intel on notebook front

    Made market gains in the last six months

    Business 21 Dec 17:10

  • Computer piracy is sinful, says Israeli court

    Vatican agrees in welcome show of unity at Christmas

    Business 21 Dec 17:14

  • PC prices crash in US

    But is the UK next?

    Business 21 Dec 17:31

  • NatSemi's Fairchild buys Samsung wafer unit and staff

    Deal worth $455 million -- and staff

    Business 21 Dec 17:48

  • Datrontech flogs training arm

    Varies RD Trading buyout terms

    Business 21 Dec 17:59

  • HP slashes PC prices across the board

    Notebooks, servers, desktops, you name it

    Business 21 Dec 17:59

  • IBM set to rejoin PowerPC triumvirate over AltiVec support

    Microelectronics division comes back to Motorola, Apple way of thinking

    Business 21 Dec 18:12