18th December 1998 Archive

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  • European server sales surge

    And Japanese server sales don’t

    Business 18 11:01

  • Chaebols make restructuring decisions

    LG will lose 21 of its subsidiaries

    Business 18 11:12

  • Baghdad's Intel HQ hit

    Clear picture of chips of massive destruction

    Business 18 11:13

  • Microsoft denies breaking prof's software

    Changes in Web site were totally unrelated to failure, and it was broken all the time anyway...

    Business 18 11:28

  • A year ago: AMD and Compaq: the tryst is on

    Wild goose chase gets tamer

    Business 18 11:36

  • 58 per cent of users ready to drop Windows for Linux

    Poll shows widespread anti-Microsoft sentiment among users

    Business 18 11:45

  • 1998 Semiconductor Quotes of the Year

    There's more on the way..

    Business 18 12:17

  • Software Stan cuts deal with Eastern Europeans

    Collects more souls in exchange for licences

    Business 18 12:29

  • 500 million Web users by 2005

    But will it survive under the strain?

    Business 18 12:37

  • Ancient railways immune to millennium bug

    They're sick enough as they are

    Business 18 13:11

  • Germans invade France

    Pan-European reseller taking shape

    Business 18 13:51

  • AMD powered missile hits Intel quarters in Baghdad

    No news on 3DNow inside

    Business 18 16:35

  • Ziggy Stardust and the ISP from Mars

    BowieNet could be sitting on virtual velvet goldmine

    Business 18 16:38

  • HP quibbles over $6 million damages bill

    Too many inkjets spoil the broth

    Business 18 17:04

  • Gates: How Lotus boss helped MS inside IBM

    Jeff 'Secret Squirrel' Papows seems to have been keen to help Bill stop the PC co switching to Netscape

    Business 18 17:06