17th December 1998 Archive

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  • We taught the Linux boys everything they know – SCO exec

    Ray Anderson, SCO's senior VP of marketing, puts the UnixWare perspective

    Business 17 10:52

  • Court watches videos as MS exits disrupts schedule

    Felten's early furlough meant everybody got to watch the TV instead

    Business 17 11:15

  • MS attorney retreated in face of impenetrable defence

    The problem seems to have been that the more he asked, the more mired he got

    Business 17 11:19

  • IE uninstaller – was it broken deliberately?

    DoJ expert Felten comes close to saying it was...

    Business 17 11:23

  • Netscape unveils $30m Netcenter ad campaign

    AOL tactics employed to push Netcenter as number one portal

    Business 17 11:34

  • Survey: PC market bouncing back

    Deloitte survey shows gross margins at close to five-year high

    Business 17 11:50

  • Linux marketshare up 212 per cent

    Open Source OS now outselling all other brands of Unix, research suggests

    Business 17 11:53

  • Katmai NI a dead pigeon

    There's a catchy, sexy new name but no acronyms are allowed

    Business 17 12:01

  • Adobe Q4 profits up on Illustrator 8.0

    But future fortunes dependent on increasing Mac sales

    Business 17 12:13

  • Cellular outfits plan 3G compromise statement

    Asian and European companies? Sounds like the world against Qualcomm again...

    Business 17 12:49

  • Netscape planned to sever ties with Mozilla

    Or is Mozilla cunningly trying to get its freedom onto the agenda?

    Business 17 12:50

  • AMD, Intel squabble over Katmai

    Operating systems a bone of contention

    Business 17 12:53

  • Infobank shareholders lack confidence

    Loan stock offer gets lukewarm reception

    Business 17 13:04

  • Apple takes cut of Amazon.com profits

    Sherlock search engine sends buyers to Amazon... and a share of the sale to Apple

    Business 17 13:16

  • Women warm to Web


    Business 17 13:23

  • Insight into German market

    US reseller buys its way into Europe

    Business 17 13:39

  • S3, Intel cuddle up

    Could patents be the issue?

    Business 17 17:24