16th December 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Mobile group spawns Java PDA

    Power to the peephole, right on

    Business 16 08:26

  • Apple plans Linux-Mac launch for MacWorld

    Could this be the killer combination? Yes, but...

    Business 16 09:11

  • Great Software Satan sued for abusing mice

    Little US company wants $1 billion from Microsoft

    Business 16 09:24

  • Dell boy starts VC venture

    Wants to invest in startups

    Business 16 09:34

  • Nazi past claims prompt Bertelsmann review

    The AOL and Barnes & Noble partner has withdrawn its history, pending an investigation

    Business 16 10:18

  • NeoMagic sues Trident

    Trident disappointed as suit appears out of blue

    Business 16 10:19

  • Gates TV: Killer apps and hit teams remembered, sort of

    Some good, and some very silly, stuff in the latest episode

    Business 16 10:22

  • Are you sitting comfortably, then we'll begin


    Business 16 11:27

  • Who needs to watch paint dry?


    Business 16 11:40

  • Secure Digital Music Initiative launched to kill MP3

    Which, of course, it won't

    Business 16 12:21

  • Careless Sage spreads virus

    Who are you calling a stupid jerk?

    Business 16 12:28

  • Corel to release free Linux WordPerfect tomorrow

    Retail package coming in two weeks', full WordPerfect Office to be released next spring

    Business 16 12:44

  • K6-2 set to break 20 mill mark in 1999

    Sales figures say it all

    Business 16 15:31

  • Dodgy CDs doing the rounds

    Here be pirates, warns Microsoft

    Business 16 15:49

  • Forrester predicts online banking boom

    E-banking to have 10 million users in Europe by 2002

    Business 16 16:27

  • Govt announces boost for e-commerce

    But will £20 million be enough?

    Business 16 16:32

  • Apple gears up for Open Source MacOS

    Or, how to turn Apple into NeXT after NeXT became Apple

    Business 16 16:54

  • Microsoft bidding for publishing giant?

    Are the stock markets recycling an old rumour, or is this serious?

    Business 16 17:24

  • IBM trials Palm-type device for home shopping

    A test being run with Safeway means you never have to go out in Basingstoke again. Phew...

    Business 16 19:26

  • Gates memo suggests secret deals with Lotus boss

    So what was it Jeff Papows didn't want people to know he was telling Bill?

    Business 16 20:08