15th December 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Inventory Whacks 3Com Q2

    Trouble and strife in USR life

    Business 15 Dec 08:03

  • The Ghost of Video Depositions Past

    Looks like our Graham had too much strong cheese last night - he's having visions...

    Business 15 Dec 10:18

  • Sun, Oracle launch assault on NT

    Sun is the first to sign up for Raw Iron - who'll be the first PC company?

    Business 15 Dec 10:20

  • Expert's IE uninstall program ‘breaks’ after MS sees source

    A couple of code changes and the program stops working, then MS says the program doesn't work. Heard it before...

    Business 15 Dec 10:53

  • MS retreats after judge slaps down attorney

    Abrupt termination of cross-examination suggests crisis in defence camp

    Business 15 Dec 11:25

  • Intel staff start book on proper name of the Katmai

    They're up and running...

    Business 15 Dec 11:29

  • Elonex eyes potential windfall

    Patent row could reap big rewards for UK vendor

    Business 15 Dec 11:45

  • Body to define ‘official’ Internet music standard

    Updated: Secure Digital Music Initiative out to beat MP3, Brits get in on act

    Business 15 Dec 12:09

  • Government to put hi-tech firms before environment

    Great Crested Newt to make way for hi-tech developents

    Business 15 Dec 12:12

  • AMD, Intel locked in bus marketing war

    Celeron with 100MHz frontside bus next year?

    Business 15 Dec 12:18

  • French Internet strike ‘a success’ claims organiser

    France Telecom latest target in spate of Euro Net boycotts

    Business 15 Dec 12:40

  • Misys is cool for C-ATS

    Risk management in mind for UK software group

    Business 15 Dec 12:44

  • South Korean president enters LG Semicon, Hyundai spat

    Demands both companies merge

    Business 15 Dec 12:45

  • Acquisitions aid Computerland UK growth

    Second half will be even better

    Business 15 Dec 13:10

  • Whips crack away over missing PCs

    MAFF keeps its laptops in closet

    Business 15 Dec 13:18

  • Shortage of 350MHz PIIs spreads to 450MHz parts

    Knock on effect follows shortage while Intel cautions against overclocking Celerons

    Business 15 Dec 13:40

  • Phone Bills R Us

    Free Web access from toy store has sting in tail

    Business 15 Dec 14:36

  • Barbie pulls Carmen Sandiego

    I'm a Barbie Girl in an interactive consumer software world

    Business 15 Dec 14:45

  • Tariff talks topple

    Duties stay on IT goods - for now

    Business 15 Dec 14:54

  • Cisco to buy 5 to 15 companies in 1999

    John Chambers eyes multimedia broadcast technologies

    Business 15 Dec 16:18

  • Solo coder offers Win 98 IE uninstall routine

    And unlike certain expert witnesses, the DoJ didn't pay him a cent...

    Business 15 Dec 16:35

  • Acorn poaches ST Microelectronics design team

    Ditches name

    Business 15 Dec 16:38

  • Fact – MSN won't chop Net access service in the UK

    Well, not for the time being at any road...

    Business 15 Dec 17:21

  • ‘British reserve’ blamed for UK e-commerce inertia

    Need to become more active, says C&W

    Business 15 Dec 17:27

  • Gates video – Microsoft's ‘hit team’ to get IBM into line

    But Codefather III says it wasn't a big deal, really...

    Business 15 Dec 19:13