14th December 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Few buy PCs for festivities

    Napoleon's jibe brings shivers to shop timbers

    Business 14 08:39

  • DoJ expert shows how to split IE and Windows 98

    And actually, it doesn't seem all that difficult, despite previous MS claims

    Business 14 08:48

  • Intel-Oracle deal takes server appliance upscale

    Suddenly but subtlely, Intel's server appliances needn't be cheap and cheerful after all

    Business 14 09:22

  • MS offered us poison pills, says Java guru

    Gosling's cross examination concludes with him largely undented

    Business 14 10:07

  • Trial becomes MS Y2K problem as it stretches toward 2000

    Grief, the initial verdict might even slip to Q2, with the service pack in 2000

    Business 14 10:17

  • Lawyering for Dummies?

    Our Graham reckons the MS attorney qualified via a correspondence course

    Business 14 10:19

  • Gigabyte introduces four 370-pin boards

    It's all uphill from here

    Business 14 10:22

  • MS snared in IE application hypocrisy

    If IE5 is an app, how can it be integral to the OS

    Business 14 11:02

  • Winnov launches £99 USB video/audio CAM

    Win98 support only, so far

    Business 14 11:15

  • Con man given the boot by eBay

    E-swindle tops bad week for online auctioneer

    Business 14 12:50

  • Analysis: Compaq, IBM squirm between devil and deep blue sea

    Dell is the devil and dealers are directly in the deep

    Business 14 13:14

  • Baptism of fire for mobile phone blessing

    Let us prey...

    Business 14 13:55

  • Intel could have same timing problem as AMD

    Confusion reigns after Microsoft's software glitch

    Business 14 14:50

  • K7 architecture to stay slottish because of technical issues

    Promises bus speeds of 200MHz, huge L2 cache and insists marketing no issue

    Business 14 15:03

  • 3Dfx buys STB for $141 million

    Closer integration and cheaper prices, promise companies

    Business 14 15:12

  • IBM, Compaq flummoxed by lack of Y2K compliance in Win98

    Not to mention their channels....

    Business 14 15:39

  • Pirates dispossessed

    Dodgy games found in Edinburgh market

    Business 14 16:29

  • Samsung bounces back with $1 billion investment

    But no outward investment in the offing

    Business 14 16:35

  • Novell goes into orbit around Edinburgh

    Scottish software firm receives shot in the arm from Utah's finest

    Business 14 16:50

  • No such thing as a free lunch

    Free Net access not all it's cracked up to be

    Business 14 17:51