13th December 1998 Archive

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  • UK Y2K supremo says plan for Armageddon

    Nothing to worry about - just lay in food for two weeks and prepare for the collapse of civilisation

    Business 13 Dec 14:57

  • Acer to team with Caldera for Linux XCs?

    If the boxes start at $199, they're unlikely to run anything out of Redmond

    Business 13 Dec 15:36

  • New wireless outfit may signpost MS counter-strike

    How many wireless standards bodies does it take to change a lightbulb, anyway?

    Business 13 Dec 16:41

  • Oracle favours Open Source for Raw Iron

    And Oracle and Intel server strategies seem to be on convergent paths

    Business 13 Dec 17:28

  • Big South Korean semiconductor deal in tatters

    Big Hyundai and LG merger now highly unlikely, despite Little

    Business 13 Dec 18:28

  • Analysis: Selling the Web to Bill

    In 1995 Microsoft exec Ben Slivka seems to have set out to change company strategy - smart cookie

    Business 13 Dec 21:51