11th December 1998 Archive

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  • MS research chief holds court in London

    Nathan Myhrvold boasts about bloatware, among other things...

    Business 11 08:22

  • Apple ‘WebMate’ portable to follow iMac

    Like a four pound, mobile iMac -- it's the publicity, stoopid...

    Business 11 08:24

  • Is MS Java better than Sun version? Judge queries Gosling

    Judge Jackson might just be zeroing-in on an embarrassing Sun secret

    Business 11 08:31

  • A year ago: Disties hit again by VAT fraud scandal

    UK authorities show limp approach to DRAM difficulties

    Business 11 09:08

  • Email hits the high street

    Multimedia booths could increase Net usage

    Business 11 09:54

  • NatSemi makes loss and IBM didn't help

    Halla claims company returning to profitability

    Business 11 10:13

  • Good times ahead for DVD

    Software releases will be deciding factor though

    Business 11 10:33

  • IBM puts big boot in own NC mouth

    Won a huge deal with Fedex then lost it big-time

    Business 11 10:36

  • Intel slashes Slot One Celeron prices… again

    New ramps for old plan will shove inventory through channel

    Business 11 10:59

  • When Harry met Scally, kinda

    Sometimes you just can’t avoid publicity

    Business 11 11:10

  • 10,000 jobs to go after Ericsson profit warning

    Financial crisis? So why's Nokia doing so well then?

    Business 11 11:15

  • NEC to use Cyrix chip

    Odd. Two days ago it was slagging non-Intel chips off

    Business 11 11:52

  • IBM, SGI in frame to buy Intergraph?

    A sugar daddy of some form may be at hand for the small but perfectly formed workstation outfit

    Business 11 12:00

  • Oracle bounces back with 46 per cent profit rise

    The doomsayers of yesteryear are eating quantities of humble pie

    Business 11 12:12

  • High noon for thieving B-*!&%*!&-S

    2b shamed or not 2b shamed, that is the question

    Business 11 12:29

  • Elonex sues Dell, P-Bell, Micron over monitor patents

    The UK PC company reckons its power management IP has been liberated

    Business 11 13:13

  • Updated: LG Electronics to can seven foreign HQs

    North America, Europe affected with additional action promised

    Business 11 13:51

  • BT to buy Spanish ISP, allegedly

    Ohhh Spanish eyes…

    Business 11 13:54

  • Big Blue smokes reefers?

    Why has it registered a hemp domain name?

    Business 11 14:32

  • Court slaps injunction in Umax

    Scanner maker slammed for 'misleading' image quality claims

    Business 11 15:16

  • Survey: chips sales volatile throughout 1999

    But overall sales trend is upwards

    Business 11 15:29

  • Graeme Allan to leave Nortel-Bay, join Madge

    He’s on gardening leave. Bit cold for that, isn’t it Graeme?

    Business 11 15:36

  • Copyright cop out by Eurocrats

    After all, it is nearly the Xmas hols

    Business 11 16:09

  • MCI WorldCom set to axe up to 4000 jobs

    Or will CEO Bernie Ebbers keep his word...

    Business 11 16:57

  • IE – app or OS? Microsoft case grinds to another weekend

    The latest might be a narrow victory for the DoJ, but it was largely adrenaline-free

    Business 11 17:34

  • Palm founders drop hints about Handspring handheld

    PalmPilot for kids, anyone?

    Business 11 17:46

  • Mandelson to re-target DTI handouts on e-commerce ventures

    White Paper to boost plan to make UK world's number one e-commerce market

    Business 11 17:51

  • Watchdog snaps at BT's heels

    Obstacles to development of latest telecoms services being investigated

    Business 11 17:51

  • Survey: SMEG explosion to benefit channel

    Services bonanza en route

    Business 11 18:00

  • Update: MCI WorldCom sacks 2000 staff

    So Ebbers didn't keep his promise, after all

    Business 11 18:12

  • News wars 2 – the swiper swipt?

    In the latest instalment of the news aggregation wars, the swiper's swiper has moved on...

    Business 11 18:33