10th December 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Intel re-orgs Euro bureau, catches worldwide VP flu

    Old sparring partner Geyer sent to Folsom gulag

    Business 10 Dec 08:15

  • Netscape is like Saddam Hussein – Sun exec

    The tortured screams of starving, oppressed programmers echo from the cellars of the HQ, apparently...

    Business 10 Dec 09:42

  • Tivoli and Novell in ‘standards-based’ alliance

    Novell's 'NDS everywhere' campaign proceeds apace...

    Business 10 Dec 10:09

  • Christmas Caption Competition: Who is this woman?

    Win an invite to our party next week

    Business 10 Dec 10:13

  • 3Com and Siemens team on voice data convergence

    But what's this about 3Com Digital Phones, dear readers?

    Business 10 Dec 10:33

  • Expert and MS argue over definition of OS

    Ah, the old ones are the best ones...

    Business 10 Dec 10:47

  • Eight MPUs cloned from one set of x.86 instructions

    (With apologies to Wired)

    Business 10 Dec 10:58

  • Cyrix claims Intel dumping Slot One Celerons

    Joins in clamour as 370-pin date draws near

    Business 10 Dec 11:23

  • Aureal sues Creative Technology

    3D audio patents at heart of latest in a looooong line of legal battles. Will it ever end?

    Business 10 Dec 11:30

  • First fisticuffs fly in Intel-Intergraph action

    Intel not a monopoly, pleaders claim

    Business 10 Dec 11:48

  • Apple's Jobs pooh-poohs NCs, thin clients, Java

    'Hey you, Sun, get offa my cloud,' says Great Satan of GUIs' interim CEO

    Business 10 Dec 12:00

  • Apple set to cut iMac prices year on year, claims Jobs

    Apple targetting the $500-$800 market

    Business 10 Dec 12:13

  • IGN buy-out gives BT deal a boost

    AT&T's Xmas acquisition is all about presence

    Business 10 Dec 12:19

  • AMD, Dell promise not to make old wood products

    Old Wood?

    Business 10 Dec 12:38

  • Disney does Dallas

    Infoseek told to clean up act by major shareholder

    Business 10 Dec 12:54

  • FTC slaps record fine on Iomega

    Storage supremo pays $900,000 for failing to honor customer rebates quickly enough

    Business 10 Dec 13:06

  • UK PC school scheme could founder on Y2K problem

    Refurbing 486 and Pentium kit is OK, but will they fall over?

    Business 10 Dec 13:08

  • Santa runs out of mobile phones

    Christmas rush sees One-2-One muscle in on Cellnet's Asda patch

    Business 10 Dec 16:50

  • Ericsson plots Qualcomm's demise

    Passion, poison and petrefaction in the wonderful world of W-CDMA...

    Business 10 Dec 17:02

  • UK IT firms slip in/out of FTSE 100

    Good news in retail sector, not so in consultancy

    Business 10 Dec 17:03

  • New home digital standard launched

    HAVi to make life 'more exciting', maybe...

    Business 10 Dec 17:14

  • Motorola products are history


    Business 10 Dec 17:21

  • Rise, Taylor and Byrne team up x.86 wise

    Blue Micro founder votes for Taiwanese

    Business 10 Dec 17:23

  • AOL in $31 million Yellow Pages deal

    Promoting online consumer confidence at heart of agreement

    Business 10 Dec 17:47

  • Toshiba goes direct in Japan. Next step, Europe?

    Tracks down familiar route led by IBM, then Compaq

    Business 10 Dec 17:48

  • Condoms with everything

    Lycos sets up online store, highlights biggest seller

    Business 10 Dec 17:59

  • Departure of Trade and Industry still not Mandelson's name

    DTI, Mandelson, PCs, trade...what next

    Business 10 Dec 18:03