2nd December 1998 Archive

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  • DoJ expert flattened by Microsoft, largely

    Exit one of the US' foremost antitrust experts, pursued by bear...

    Business 02 08:33

  • Burnout – occupational hazard for MS execs?

    The way things are going, maybe 'cash and run' looks tempting

    Business 02 08:36

  • ‘Leaked’ Gates email spins party line on AOL

    Is this a Microsoft plant, or should somebody shoot us old cynics now?

    Business 02 09:22

  • Corel settles in Lamarr pic lawsuit

    Famous actress signs five-year licence for face

    Business 02 09:44

  • Sony recalls 60K US mobile phones

    It seems the juice is a little higher than FCC guidelines, but don't worry...

    Business 02 10:35

  • Easy does it

    Easynet revenue to soar, says analyst Buy, buy, buy...

    Business 02 11:04

  • A year ago: CE you Jimmy

    Distributor forecasts huge add-on market

    Business 02 11:33

  • iMac tops superstore sales third month running

    But will it be a Maccy Christmas?

    Business 02 11:38

  • Cyrix claims massive leap in corporate perception

    Also claims that it has bulk of sub-$800 market

    Business 02 12:04

  • BT to open phone network to third-party apps

    Plan to compete with Internet

    Business 02 12:31

  • Portuguese Internet strike goes ahead

    No more high call charges and poor service, say protesters

    Business 02 12:49

  • IBM takes five-year DDR SDRAM route

    But Rambus still looks like the winner

    Business 02 13:12

  • Tut to sign Motorola as Homerun licensee

    Moto to join Intel, Compaq, NatSemi and co. in home networking race

    Business 02 13:15

  • Lucent, Unisys to unify voice recognition systems

    Pact to cover future development, marketing and resale efforts

    Business 02 13:41

  • Taxing time ahead

    When the Great Stan of taxes joins forces with hardware Stan and software Stan, be afraid, be very afraid

    Business 02 14:00

  • Cisco Kid swallows PipeLinks

    A $126 million share wedge passes on

    Business 02 14:17

  • Survey: Internet to define the future of music

    Net to bring major labels, HMV and co under fire

    Business 02 14:31

  • Pensions industry hits out at VC slur

    It's not to be sneezed at, says Mandelson

    Business 02 15:34

  • 4Front buys Siemens French maintenance unit

    Moves into top three

    Business 02 16:39

  • Small business net Web windfall

    Now you've no excuse not to be wired, says FSB

    Business 02 16:49

  • Nvidia issues IQ challenge to games houses

    Are you clever enough to buy this software?

    Business 02 16:51

  • Unified Messaging to transform personal comms

    UM, what's that all about then? Convergence, dummy

    Business 02 17:08

  • Motorola commits to IP across full broadband range

    Satellite, cable, cellular -- they'll all be IP-based real soon now.

    Business 02 17:37

  • HP enlists BT for SME dealer recruitment campaign

    Wants 400 of the blighters

    Business 02 17:50

  • Watch out! There's a stolen Olivetti printer cartridge about

    Market could be flooded, following hijack spate

    Business 02 18:13