1st December 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Chips with everything – Netfinity delayed

    Big Blue sups with the Devil

    Business 01 07:36

  • Intel moves into e-commerce software

    Purchase of iCat gives company Web storefront operation plus software suite

    Business 01 10:01

  • Adaptec puts Ultra2 into Linux source

    Ultra2 support will also be available via Red Hat 5.2

    Business 01 10:41

  • Pace chooses C-Cube for NTL set-top system

    Major contract for UK two-way cable set to roll

    Business 01 10:43

  • Apple, Imatec lawsuit talks collapse

    $1.1 billion patent infringement set to go to court

    Business 01 11:28

  • Intel posts 440ZX, 440ZX66 chipset specs

    New sets cut-down versions of 440BX for mid to low-end systems

    Business 01 11:42

  • Sega ships 150,000 Dreamcast consoles at launch

    But that's all it had to sell...

    Business 01 12:03

  • Shortage of PII 333MHz and 350MHz now acute

    Some problems for manufacturers in pre-Christmas run-up

    Business 01 12:16

  • Aliens 1: Intel 0

    Roswell UFO laid groundwork for Pentium II, claims leaked 'official' US government files

    Business 01 12:21

  • Mendocino the culprit in Pentium II scam

    Watch out for substitution

    Business 01 12:39

  • Can the AOL-Netscape deal be made to work?

    The Register picks it over, and concludes that it's going to be a tricky business

    Business 01 13:01

  • Microsoft misses NT beta three deadline

    Slips to Q1 1999

    Business 01 13:09

  • Linux Worm attacks continue despite warnings

    Patch available from Red Hat

    Business 01 13:13

  • Software sniffs out cheats on the Web

    Crib copy at your peril, warns Vocalyser developer

    Business 01 13:19

  • Big SK Five subs under government threat

    Loss making divisions will be shut next year

    Business 01 15:37

  • Equator readies entry into media processor market

    MAP1000 implements DSP functionality through C-programmable core

    Business 01 15:57

  • Vocalis launches talking Web sites

    Talk is cheap, Gov -- honest

    Business 01 16:21

  • SoS hits out at VCs

    No time to be cautious, says Mandelson

    Business 01 16:32

  • Wireless LANs are go

    IDC highlights leader in booming market

    Business 01 16:38

  • EU members fail to agree on crypto directive

    States split over whether to allow market to define technology for digital signatures

    Business 01 16:45

  • Hire Intelligence posts second ad for franchisees

    Aussie PC rental operation seeks similar, preferrably non-smoker, GSOH

    Business 01 16:53

  • Heppe hops home from TDK Europe

    Marsden returns to modem maker as MD

    Business 01 17:05

  • Opinion: Give Microsoft a break

    Great Santa not Great Satan

    Business 01 17:26

  • E-commerce in red-tape bondage threat

    We will not straitjacket business, says DTI

    Business 01 17:30

  • Charity begins at home

    Well, in Salford to be precise says EDS

    Business 01 17:42

  • Microsoft tells press what to think about Java

    Bill only got worried because he believed Sun propaganda, apparently...

    Business 01 21:39