30th November 1998 Archive

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  • GEC and Alcatel plan £30 billion merger

    They've some things in common, but it looks a remarkably bad fit

    Business 30 Nov 07:47

  • Chinese sabres rattle Taiwan again

    Red China won’t rule out bloodshed - Fuwa

    Business 30 Nov 07:55

  • A year ago: Microsoft spells it out to the judge

    All very DoJy indeed

    Business 30 Nov 08:15

  • French prepare further France Telecom sell-off

    More cash for the deficit, and a few billion for FT too

    Business 30 Nov 10:18

  • How Microsoft backed down in the face of Japanese FTC

    Microsoft's 'victory' was won through the abandonment of a range of dodgy activities

    Business 30 Nov 10:25

  • Original Celeron bites dust

    And so do PII 233, 266 and 300, too

    Business 30 Nov 10:35

  • Micron signs Microtronica in UK

    Will concentrate on 64Mbit SDRAM parts

    Business 30 Nov 10:58

  • Microsoft is world's second most-respected company

    Mind you, US CEOs and the IT business don't seem totally convinced

    Business 30 Nov 11:15

  • Respect 2: Gates and Lucky Luciano share Time mag honours

    Fragrance, software and sub machine guns figure in weird 'most influential builders' list

    Business 30 Nov 11:20

  • Eleven DRAM vendors pledge support for DDR

    But Direct Rambus likely to win the day

    Business 30 Nov 11:30

  • Oasis' record label plans pay-per-download music sales

    But will Sony Music let it?

    Business 30 Nov 11:36

  • Intel, VIA settle chipset row

    Will now produce parts under licence

    Business 30 Nov 11:48

  • NatSemi launches single scanner chip

    Will integrate 20 functions for colour scanning

    Business 30 Nov 11:58

  • Infoseek, Netscape rearrange relationship

    Portal reduces dependency on Netcenter for visitors

    Business 30 Nov 12:06

  • Lou the Boots sells lotsa shares

    We got the info from intimate contacts...

    Business 30 Nov 12:09

  • Palm delays release of next-generation handheld

    Palm developers conference won't now see first demo of Razor/Palm IV

    Business 30 Nov 13:27

  • Plastic industry attracts DTI support from Right and Left

    Emitting plastics like there's no tomorrow, except in Centre

    Business 30 Nov 15:42

  • Con artist sent down for scamming US ISPs, telcos

    The penalty: 30 years in chokey and $1.5 million fine

    Business 30 Nov 15:43

  • PointCast launches UK, German editions

    British Telecom backs troubled push provider in Britain

    Business 30 Nov 16:13

  • British Telecom threatened with two cyberstrikes

    Two groups of militant Net users ramp up campaigns to cut phone charges

    Business 30 Nov 16:17

  • Software piracy police bust AOL UK

    It's a fair cop, says Netscape owner -- we'll come quietly

    Business 30 Nov 16:29

  • Solar cells to power Iridium phones and more

    Special to The Register: Japanese take great leap forward

    Business 30 Nov 16:37

  • Ideal Hardware pinches Penny

    Ex-Omni Solutions MD must pay company's debts or be declared bankrupt

    Business 30 Nov 16:40

  • Touchstone shows strong results after flotation

    Software maintenance revenue boost leads sales growth

    Business 30 Nov 16:45

  • Updated: Chip cloner AMD sort of responds to The Register pressure

    Faces flak from Software Satan, however

    Business 30 Nov 17:02

  • Samsung ramps up third-gen. Alpha production

    1999 CPU sales target set at $100 million, as company reduces dependency on memory sales

    Business 30 Nov 17:39

  • Gateway contract shows OEMs have choice, says Microsoft

    But Gateway's Windows OEM contract has made a remarkable transition from minor breakthrough to key evidence...

    Business 30 Nov 21:26

  • Acorn mulls RiscOS spin-out

    Back at the negotiating table

    Business 30 Nov 23:15