27th November 1998 Archive

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  • Court documents reveal MS moves to lock-in OEMs, users

    Chase wanted 'proprietary hook' to keep MS sign-up in the boot sequence

    Business 27 08:42

  • DoJ data reveals Intel and Microsoft's slices of PC cake

    The amount of money Microsoft and Intel get per PC has been increasing -- and even more so as a percentage of price

    Business 27 10:12

  • Siemens preaches insurrection with Trekkie PC

    Left ear, right ear and final frontier

    Business 27 10:20

  • Share sales by MS high command

    A million here, a billion there. But there's plenty more where that came from...

    Business 27 10:52

  • Korean companies see exports rising through slump

    But local economic conditions will remain bad into 2001

    Business 27 11:36

  • Psion founder steps back, appoints CEO

    Potter now to concentrate on strategic development

    Business 27 11:54

  • Intuit Q1 loss widens

    But it's just the time of year, says Quicken developer

    Business 27 12:09

  • Compel guns for Sun

    Franchise worth tens of millions

    Business 27 13:20

  • AOL speaks out on Mozilla support

    CEO Case's statements seem to reiterate status quo

    Business 27 16:21

  • Viglen shareholders jump for Sugar offer

    They don't buy undervalued argument

    Business 27 16:45

  • Move over IMF, World Bank – here comes Larry Ellison

    Oracle loans Moscow $360 million to buy Oracle software

    Business 27 17:06

  • Sega issues ‘Dreamcast bonds’ to fund console launch

    The name's Bond... Dreamcast Bond

    Business 27 17:08

  • Ericsson support fails to make contact

    Yes, there's a defect, yes, we'll fix it - but no, we didn't tell our channels about it

    Business 27 18:15

  • Kyocera rejigs printers with Mita mate

    Channels will be extended

    Business 27 18:19