26th November 1998 Archive

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  • DoJ ‘expert’ in trouble as expertise exposed

    Microsoft's attorney is exposing Warren-Boulton's sketchy knowledge of the industry

    Business 26 10:35

  • Dell bests Compaq in business PC sales

    But what about the servers, the notebooks and the consumer units?

    Business 26 10:37

  • Chip vendors tighten capital spending screws – again

    Too much capacity already

    Business 26 10:46

  • Novell challenges Sun for slice of AOL's appliance business

    Despite the AOL-Sun alliance, Novell thinks it can still sell AOL key technologies

    Business 26 11:37

  • Light relief – Siemens Semi teams with Osram

    Maybe somebody suggested Siemens might as well torch the lot...

    Business 26 12:02

  • Slump hits Hitachi figures across the board

    Semiconductors are bad, but Japan's economic problems are bleeding the company as well

    Business 26 12:21

  • Mitsubishi loss widens as sales fall

    Another of Japan's finest falls victim to slump

    Business 26 12:34

  • STMicrolectronics takes on Adaptec chippies

    Pays $73 million for the privilege

    Business 26 12:49

  • Court steps spin increases as Microsoft demands dismissal

    DoJ running scared, and expert is a know-nothing, apparently...

    Business 26 12:52

  • For sale: Computer.com.

    As new. Unwanted present,one careful owner $500,000 ono.

    Business 26 13:12

  • Stockpile fears as SK cranks up DRAM output

    Hold on, the prices have only just gone up

    Business 26 13:23

  • Situations Vacant: Digital Ambassador Wanted

    Must be good with compooters

    Business 26 13:41

  • Major labels join IBM on Net music sales trial

    Music industry leaders sing the Big Blues...

    Business 26 14:10

  • AMD posts Windows 95/K6-2 bug fix for free

    Chip vendor acts as Microsoft continues to charge $35 for patch

    Business 26 14:46

  • Infobank seeks £9 million to develop e-commerce apps

    Please give generously... No donation too small...

    Business 26 14:56

  • IT firms still unprepared for Y2K news stories

    Only 400 more days to get your Millennium Bug panic pieces written, warns editor

    Business 26 15:29

  • Yellow Dog set to be first commercial Mac Linux distributor

    Software developer preps server, personal editions for early 1999

    Business 26 16:45

  • ilion issues profits warning – again

    Could French connection save ailing distributor?

    Business 26 17:28

  • Microsoft thin client licence policy on brink of collapse

    The company is planning evolution, but can't stop revolution

    Business 26 17:30