25th November 1998 Archive

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  • Ziff shares soar – ZDNet IPO ahoy?

    A mysterious overnight twitch of ZD shares has cheered up Softbank stock today

    Business 25 09:49

  • 'Buy AMD or NatSemi,' Microsoft exec told Gates

    A superficially barking suggestion might have made sense if Microsoft thought the DoJ was on the run

    Business 25 09:51

  • PointCast finds strategic investor – at last

    Troubled push provider also drops Mac support

    Business 25 11:30

  • Lucent buys Pario

    Remote access specialists' software to be integrated into Radius ABM

    Business 25 11:43

  • Transarc APS to support Linux

    IBM offshoot claims move is a response to customer demand

    Business 25 11:54

  • DoJ fights bid to strike Apple evidence

    Argues against Microsoft claim that Tevanian evidence is hearsay

    Business 25 11:57

  • Novell Q4 figures top Wall Street expectations

    Revenue, profit up on Q3 1998, Q4 1997

    Business 25 12:12

  • Government e-commerce bill draws praise and fire

    Blair administration to encourage e-commerce yet police will be able to override security measures

    Business 25 12:33

  • Hack steals Toshiba giveaway

    Ethics... isn't that next door to Suffolk?

    Business 25 12:44

  • Journalist dies of septic shock – Comdex press food suspected

    He and a colleague seem to have got serious food poisoning, somewhere in Las Vegas

    Business 25 13:08

  • AOL Netscape deal questions open source commitment

    Mozilla reckons its safe, but AOL's past and future plans suggest otherwise

    Business 25 14:04

  • Corel to standardise Linux machines on KDE GUI

    NetWinders using KDE scheduled to ship next year

    Business 25 16:00

  • Permafrost for Microsoft Permatemps

    Capital dumps on labour(or is this too Marxist for our American readers)

    Business 25 16:57

  • Shepheard leaves Gateway flock

    Red sky in the morning, Shepheard's warning

    Business 25 17:32

  • BT buys 50 per cent share in Excite UK

    Telecoms giant sets out its Web stall

    Business 25 17:38

  • Aureal takes 3D API battle to Europe

    Games developers targeted

    Business 25 18:46