24th November 1998 Archive

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  • AOL takes shape as major threat to Microsoft

    Having the browser market tilt back towards Navigator is probably the least of Redmond's worries

    Business 24 10:37

  • ARM-based VLSI range to slash cordless phone prices

    DECT systems look increasingly poised to wipe out analogue cordless in Europe

    Business 24 11:33

  • Netscape sued over price of proposed AOL merger

    The price isn't right, says litigious shareholder

    Business 24 12:09

  • Web league table identifies big four

    The rankings differ by sector, but overall they're virtually neck and neck

    Business 24 12:14

  • WAN vendors and carriers launch muiltservice standards body

    Interoperability specs to speed network roll-outs, increase competition and lower prices, promise players

    Business 24 12:50

  • Apple offers dealer sales reps cash incentives to push iMac

    Sell our kit and take away $30-50 per machine, offers Mac maker

    Business 24 12:58

  • QNX leads Citrix breakthrough into RTOS

    First real time OS manufacturing to support thin client system

    Business 24 13:19

  • Kawasaki to build second fab

    Plant to focus on computer network-oriented ASICs

    Business 24 13:27

  • Dixons demands tax relief on computer products

    ...as OFT officially opens PC pricing enquiry

    Business 24 13:36

  • Senior Japanese IT exec hits out at country’s greed

    Blames banks for giving big loans they can’t back up

    Business 24 13:57

  • Major semiconductor R&D facility launched in Edinburgh

    $10 million plant offers labs, clean rooms for chip start-ups

    Business 24 15:06

  • Netscape deal founds Sun-backed ‘AOL Everywhere’ scheme

    Check the small print of the AOL-Sun alliance, folks -- didn't AOL do well?

    Business 24 15:41

  • Survey: rosy future for smartcards

    Sales to grow from $1.4 billion to $6.8 billion over next four years, says Dataquest

    Business 24 15:44

  • Local papers group launches UK Net auction service

    Meanwhile, movie stars donate their smalls for charity bid-a-thon...

    Business 24 15:52

  • DoJ witness argues Microsoft prices too high

    But he and the Microsoft attorney seem to be running an 'I know less about software than you' match

    Business 24 16:18

  • AOL deal sparks pundits day in court

    Will it or won't it? The jury's out - matter of fact, there's no jury anyway

    Business 24 16:22

  • Kyocera pins hopes on Iridium, DDI

    Hopes to make itself global player

    Business 24 16:24

  • UK government to legislate for e-commerce

    Electronic Commerce Bill could be law by summer

    Business 24 18:12