23rd November 1998 Archive

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  • The trial this week: DoJ consultant in the frame

    With just two days work before Thanksgiving, it looks like W-B will be a busy boy in the box

    Business 23 06:28

  • How Microsoft put spin on Japan ‘innocent’ verdict

    There's that consultant it doesn't mention being on the payroll, for starters

    Business 23 06:32

  • Will Gates take the stand?

    He may be talking himself into it...

    Business 23 06:38

  • Microsoft Java plan tempts fresh Sun legal action

    Does just switching it off, and letting the developers switch it back on, count as compliance?

    Business 23 06:40

  • AOL and Sun plan to carve-up Netscape

    A $4 billion merger deal could pull the rug from under Microsoft's Internet strategy

    Business 23 07:26

  • HP CEO calls in consultants for top-to-bottom review

    Outside management techies to scrutinise the lot, corporate culture included

    Business 23 10:48

  • OFT set to investigate PC pricing

    Dixons slams Government as Mandelson pushes for inquiry into retailer's prices

    Business 23 12:13

  • CDT shows first colour polymer screen

    The UK outfit with the LEP is getting closer to the Holy Grail of flat panel displays

    Business 23 12:13

  • Sony gives memory some stick

    Chewing gum-sized storage medium definitely mintier than Zip, claim Comdex attendees

    Business 23 12:18

  • Cirrus signs 3D audio deal with CRL

    Whatever's good enough for the late Frank Sinatra is good enough for Cirrus...

    Business 23 12:39

  • Sat phones will get smaller, but prices will stay high

    The gear will shrink, but the cost won't for five to ten years

    Business 23 15:18

  • Heroically pointless products from Comdex

    Our man on the spot (missed his flight) sends in some late show-stoppers

    Business 23 15:19

  • Roam wasn't built in a day

    The Register's mobile phone expert spends a week offline in Crazy Horse. No change there then...

    Business 23 15:22

  • Ex-Wintelers' share of iMac userbase up, claims survey

    Or is it just a statistical anomaly?

    Business 23 15:28

  • Is the pen mightier than the mouse?

    Yes, says Sony boffin

    Business 23 15:31

  • Diamond ships Rio

    Infamous (if you're in the music biz) MP3 player goes on sale in US

    Business 23 16:05

  • Cendant quits entertainment software business

    Sierra Online, Blizzard etc. sold to French media giant Havas

    Business 23 16:52

  • Microsoft lawyer claims AOL deal makes lawsuit dead parrot

    We think he means the DoJ should just stand back and let everybody compete unfairly with everybody else...

    Business 23 19:08