20th November 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft's plan to levy annual rental fee for Windows

    Top OEM VP lays out plan to secure old age with 'annuity' scheme

    Business 20 09:43

  • Judge damns Gates as ‘unresponsive witness’

    And suggests Gates'own lawyers can't believe it either...

    Business 20 10:28

  • Japan's FTC decides not to bust Microsoft

    These day, champagne corks pop whenever somebody doesn't sue...

    Business 20 11:14

  • Ingram deal takes Red Hat Linux into Best Buy

    Distie giant to sell 5.2 with 90 day installation support package

    Business 20 11:15

  • DoJ deploys antitrust expert to prove Microsoft misuse of monopoly

    Warren-Boulton looks like being a tough nut for Microsoft to crack

    Business 20 11:24

  • Apple ponders cross-platform future for MacOS

    Mac apps and UI on Linux, Windows, Solaris, et al

    Business 20 12:11

  • Column: It's a con

    Watch out for that dodgy DRAM

    Business 20 12:15

  • A year ago: Comdex – Golden Egg Goose in steroid scare

    Please put a penny in the old man's hat

    Business 20 12:24

  • Sega six-month sales, profits plummet

    Corporate fingers are crossed that Dreamcast will recapture company's former glory

    Business 20 12:26

  • Pseudo-spook sues Qualcomm

    KGB ruffled my feathers, says Sneaky Beak

    Business 20 12:31

  • TI to shut Portuguese fab

    Over 700 jobs to go

    Business 20 12:32

  • Lycos revenues up, loss narrows

    And it reckons it's the second most-visited portal

    Business 20 12:41

  • Palm readies PalmOS for new markets

    And it's looking for licensees to take it there

    Business 20 13:21

  • Corporate IT spending to slow down through 1999

    Y2K fixes take cash from other IT projects

    Business 20 13:25

  • Samsung to show off 4Gb DRAMs

    And introduces .18 micron technology

    Business 20 13:28

  • Brussels to build single cybermarket

    No national restrictions on buying sprouts via the Net, demands EC

    Business 20 13:33

  • Intel says there is shortage of Pentium IIs

    And senior exec puts foot in mouth and says Intel has 'run out of chips'

    Business 20 14:01

  • Microsoft attacks ‘ivory tower’ expert

    Antitrust guy don't know about software, says software outfit that don't know about antitrust

    Business 20 14:20

  • Consumers' Association calls for investigation into Dixons

    Says UK customers suffer from Dixons' stranglehold

    Business 20 14:24

  • Qwest goes Dutch over European fibre IP network

    US telco partners with the Netherlands' KPN in $700 million JV

    Business 20 15:05

  • Shiva locked with Shiva shareholders in class action

    Shareholders say Shiva breached fiduciaries

    Business 20 15:36

  • Online retail making breakthrough, says report

    In the US it'll be worth $108 billion by 2003. Why is it always 2003 these days anyway?

    Business 20 15:47

  • Toshiba's balance sheet carmine colour

    Lost a load of dosh in six months

    Business 20 16:01

  • Gates' memory problems causing concern

    So we're publishing some more transcript as an aide memoire for him...

    Business 20 16:37