19th November 1998 Archive

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  • IBM testimony sets scene for attempt to prove Microsoft monopoly

    Somewhat hampered by the O word, Soyring goes in to bat

    Business 19 Nov 09:22

  • IBM's ‘plot’ to destabilise Microsoft exposed in email

    But as it didn't work, it's not much use as evidence

    Business 19 Nov 11:55

  • Microsoft to quadruple money from RealNetworks stake sale

    Face it, is it really possible to compete with a company that can make money out its rivals through VC funding?

    Business 19 Nov 12:20

  • Dixons claims Intel losing budget PC market share

    Group hits back after extraordinary outburst from CEO Barrett

    Business 19 Nov 12:45

  • Microsoft wins PC Week most honest company award

    You have fallen into a black hole and come out in a parallel universe

    Business 19 Nov 12:48

  • Syquest founder ships 2GB Orb

    Castleview ships to OEMs as Syquest goes under

    Business 19 Nov 12:50

  • Misys sales thrashed

    Major shareholder strengthens funding

    Business 19 Nov 12:56

  • Azlan turning round but Net launch overdue

    Interim figures give cause for hope

    Business 19 Nov 13:16

  • Mulligan sited at Making Markets?

    Just popped in for cup of tea, claims George Evans

    Business 19 Nov 13:23

  • DoJ learns tricks from Microsoft spinmeisters

    Monday night is Gates TV night for the foreseeable future, apparently...

    Business 19 Nov 13:24

  • Inprise offers to cure Microsoft's Java deficiency

    They must be splitting their sides over this in Redmond...

    Business 19 Nov 13:26

  • Infoseek gets go-ahead for Disney deal…

    ...but loses support of Bell Atlantic and has trouble with Netscape

    Business 19 Nov 13:28

  • Win95 bug could spread to other CPU platforms than AMD

    Intel and Cyrix are unsure

    Business 19 Nov 15:33

  • Cisco to add NDS support to CiscoAssure

    But it still prefers Active Directory

    Business 19 Nov 15:38

  • AOL claims Dixons Freeserve bubble will burst

    High helpline charges to blame, says erstwhile top UK ISP

    Business 19 Nov 15:47

  • Fujitsu takes aim at Tosh Libretto with new LifeBook

    Biblo puts 233MHz PII into paperback book-size

    Business 19 Nov 15:59

  • Hitachi Data Systems to cut 400 jobs

    Employees axes worldwide -- changing market conditions blamed

    Business 19 Nov 16:39

  • Intel strikes Pentium MMX set-top deal

    And the product looks like another of those no-Microsoft boxes...

    Business 19 Nov 16:49

  • Iomega clik! wins backing of Compaq, Agfa

    But they don't ever have to ship it, assuming it's ever released

    Business 19 Nov 17:51