18th November 1998 Archive

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  • Sun win knocks wheels off Microsoft Java plans

    A ruling forcing Microsoft to purify its Java may undermine Redmond's fragmentation strategy

    Business 18 09:51

  • Be raises $25 million for future development

    OS vendor takes Great Satan of chips' shilling

    Business 18 10:55

  • Justice throws Microsoft OS/2-shaped lifebelt

    Did Microsoft cynically destroy OS/2 by, er, paying IBM to employ all those useless execs?

    Business 18 11:00

  • Sun judge says ‘unfair business practice’ key to Microsoft injunction

    So the Sun case starts to converge on the antitrust one...

    Business 18 11:03

  • Syquest finds buyer

    Is it Iomega the Click?

    Business 18 11:36

  • Samsung to spend $250 million more in Austin plant

    At the same time it will sell off its non-memory semis

    Business 18 11:54

  • Intel appoints first clutch of Euro-resellers

    Otek in Cardiff first UK one, boyo

    Business 18 11:55

  • Games software in Europe to boom

    But then it will decline...

    Business 18 11:57

  • Intel pursues further networking purchases

    Shiva not enough -- we want more, says Great Satan

    Business 18 11:59

  • NCD scores thin client deal with EDS

    And picks up Tektronix's business while it's about it

    Business 18 12:00

  • Proxim banks on CE for wireless expansion

    Company rounds up supporting posse for Comdex

    Business 18 12:02

  • Lucent signs content deal for embedded appliances

    InfoSpace alliance adds content to turnkey solutions system

    Business 18 12:04

  • Vodaphone shows increased profits, sales

    Shortage for Christmas?

    Business 18 12:04

  • Testimony points to corporate hostility to integration of IE

    Faced with it, large numbers have been vaping the system and reinstalling

    Business 18 12:11

  • Netscape to buy user-maintained Web directory

    Great Satan of browsers plays Mozilla open source card to win over anti-corporate NewHoo users

    Business 18 12:28

  • AMD users go through roof at $35 fix for K6-2 crash

    Microsoft does not want people to use Win95 no more

    Business 18 12:38

  • AOL, Netscape discuss closer ties

    Navigator in AOL, equity stake, AOL/Netcenter co-marketing agreement all in the offing, claims WSJ

    Business 18 12:45

  • A year ago: Compaq's Eck gives Keno speech

    Re-architected CEO realises Canion a visionary

    Business 18 12:55

  • Cisco, Novell to announce compatibility agreement

    Deal brings NDS support to Cisco hardware

    Business 18 13:08

  • Liquid Audio wins Iomega support

    Zip vendor to bundle Liquid Audio Player and co-sponsor music retail site

    Business 18 13:33

  • Key IBMer jumps ship to join Spring

    After 31 years of service the man bites the bullet

    Business 18 13:35

  • IBM takes DB2 to the masses

    IBM segments down as SQL Server scales up

    Business 18 15:07

  • Cisco network academy to create extra nerds

    Great Satan of networks pledges £1 million in support

    Business 18 15:27

  • Proxim sinks jaws into Bluetooth

    What's on the wireless, love?

    Business 18 15:53

  • Corel to offer Linux WordPerfect Office 2000 for free

    Company adopts Red Hat sales model and Citrix terminal-based computing model

    Business 18 16:14

  • Soft soap replaced by hard surf

    Surveys show soaps suffer from Frank Phil confession

    Business 18 16:15

  • LG opens Aladdin Park in Karachi

    Family Outings are us

    Business 18 16:29

  • Intel back-tracks on PC-on-a-chip integrated CPUs

    Integrated processor product due in 2000, apparently

    Business 18 16:47

  • Comdex 98 updated: Intel's CEO has strange streak

    Claims to have sense of humour! Doh.

    Business 18 16:56

  • Fabless chip companies are flawed, AMD claims

    Rise or fall?

    Business 18 18:57

  • Compaq opens new Reading colour direct thing

    Are they colour-blind or what?

    Business 18 20:10

  • Compaq: a half-apology

    Muck raking totally unnecessary and The Register is accused of it

    Business 18 20:14