17th November 1998 Archive

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  • Oracle Raw Iron plan shuts NT out of the enterprise

    Fast, commodity Oracle Intel boxes to tempt PC manufacturers away from Microsoft

    Business 17 09:00

  • E-Commerce made easy with IBM

    Come on, it's made out of wood, isn't it?

    Business 17 09:04

  • A year ago: Cyrix becomes Fin Fin couch potato

    Company also intros cheap reference platform

    Business 17 11:00

  • Compaq wakes up to portal potential

    AltaVista to climb up net charts, it claims

    Business 17 11:29

  • CWC in eCHARGE for online payment

    Sounds great, but will it work?

    Business 17 11:32

  • 3Dfx announces next-generation Voodoo

    New chipset offers fourfold increase on Voodoo2 performance, claims developer

    Business 17 11:48

  • Asda enters sub-£500 fray

    Slams other retailers for putting margin first

    Business 17 11:51

  • Microsoft to offer free microbrowser as ‘stop Symbian’ campaign

    Free 'open' browser, free source code, free licence... Holy Linux, Batman!

    Business 17 11:55

  • Updated: AMD K6-2s crash with Win95

    But Microsoft makes software patch hard, some might say impossible, to find

    Business 17 12:15

  • Enta enters new distie agreement

    Appointment first of many says Auratek

    Business 17 12:20

  • Microsoft ClearType reinvents the anti-aliased text wheel

    Been there, seen it, done it, bought T-shirt, says Adobe

    Business 17 12:33

  • What if Gates loses? – A treacherous WSJ considers

    Even Microsoft's supporters are starting to think the unthinkable

    Business 17 12:38

  • Kyocera posts profit drop

    It's a 33 per cent downer

    Business 17 12:39

  • Energis strikes deal with Mitel

    Posts larger turnover for half year

    Business 17 12:42

  • IP to displace ATM, says Nortel VP

    Real men will use routers; ATM just for WAN cores

    Business 17 13:05

  • Little money for Eastern Europe, says Intel

    Fabulous dreams empty for Balts

    Business 17 15:08

  • Court argues over validity of browser integration

    The DoJ may be moving up a blind alley in trying to separate browser and OS

    Business 17 15:19

  • Mobile Celeron will arrive at January end

    Watch the notebook prices fall

    Business 17 15:22

  • Ascend unveils telco-oriented data gateway…

    ...and readies sale of unwanted Stratus units

    Business 17 15:34

  • HP has little financial sauce

    Hard to get that juice out of the bottle

    Business 17 15:38

  • Freeserve spells end of AOL's UK supremacy

    And tomorrow Carphone Warehouse has say. Tiffin time.

    Business 17 15:38

  • Amazon unveils video retail site

    But Buy.com wants a piece of its action

    Business 17 16:09

  • Ex-Datrontech top salesman to flog girlfriend gift

    Raffles Harley Heritage Springer at Making Markets launch

    Business 17 16:57

  • Gates video 'not a beautiful thing to watch,' says Microsoft brief

    Here we go again - the whole transcript of yesterday's very strange Gates testimony

    Business 17 17:14

  • Red Hat unveils channel product, support and authorisation plans

    But are dealer programmes and support products enough to push Linux into the mainstream?

    Business 17 17:29

  • Are Linux fans Borgs? Go figure…

    The difference is not much...

    Business 17 17:29

  • Comdex: Sony's dog woofs in GSM mode

    Dog even falls over -- obviously beating Koreans

    Business 17 21:45