16th November 1998 Archive

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  • Comdex a year ago: Bill tells it to the marines

    The DoJ of war are barking at the moon

    Business 16 07:43

  • Microsoft claims DoJ hand-picked IE critics

    But one of the critics, Boeing, turns out to be a Microsoft showcase corporate customer

    Business 16 09:23

  • French government publishes details of Thomson stakes

    But they're still not talking about how much Microsoft et al are paying

    Business 16 11:42

  • Iomega to update Zip to 250MB

    Anti-Sony, Samsung spoiler tactic could also sidestep 'click of death' suit

    Business 16 11:53

  • Who wants to be a BillGatesionnaire?

    Bill does...

    Business 16 12:20

  • NWL restructure to affect Wales

    Far East crisis blamed, not semiconductor industry

    Business 16 12:26

  • Oracle courts Dell, Compaq, HP for Microsoft challenge

    New 'Raw Iron' database to run on hardware with minimal (Microsoftless) OS

    Business 16 12:37

  • 3Com spins corporate direction for Palm

    Benhamou also says watch out for more acquisitions

    Business 16 12:44

  • AMD introduces 400MHz part

    Used in Compaq Presarios

    Business 16 12:46

  • Gates lampoons DoJ in Comdex Keynote

    Comdex loves Bill Gates (True)

    Business 16 15:03

  • Apple extends iMac hire purchase scheme to UK

    Own an iMac for £29.95 a month

    Business 16 15:35

  • Comdex/Fall goes Intel 370-pin crazy

    Taiwanese troup through 370 Intel gulf

    Business 16 16:00

  • DSP filters down to PCs with Aztech

    Comdex unveils a heap of fresh arrays

    Business 16 16:20

  • Citrix scores big hit in Vegas

    New property management system keeps horses' heads out of beds

    Business 16 16:26

  • Employee of distributor Westcoast hits employee of dealer Action

    New robust channel strategy

    Business 16 16:45

  • Cable & Wireless unveils $1 billion European network

    ATM backbone first, then fibre-optic links

    Business 16 16:59

  • Compaq disappoints Europe

    Or is it Europe disappoints Compaq?

    Business 16 17:07

  • Cyrix demos $300 wireless Internet tablet

    The MediaGX-based low-cost device could be in production by mid-99

    Business 16 17:30

  • Gates: He's just a guy who can't say N… N…

    Court laughs as memory man fails to comprehend line of questioning, apparently...

    Business 16 21:42

  • Delegates bribed to watch Pfeiffer speak

    It wasn’t that bad. No, really…

    Business 16 23:47