13th November 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago today: Those crazy Koreans

    More DRAM than ever you've seen

    Business 13 08:34

  • Mud flies as Microsoft brief goes for Intel exec's throat

    Andy Grove? Mad Dog? May be a reference to an Intel CPU project, Cerberon...

    Business 13 08:53

  • It's Comparex Holdings now, so mind your Ps and Qs

    Largest South African IT company gets new name

    Business 13 09:29

  • Motherhood and Connect Pie

    H-P tops at looking after channel

    Business 13 09:31

  • Lynx on the prowl

    Under-powered auto division drags down sparkling performance

    Business 13 09:33

  • Prism managers bid to take firm private

    is it enough to halt slide?

    Business 13 09:39

  • EU complaint filed over BT-AT&T operation

    Is the joint venture starting prior to approval? Oh no, says AT&T

    Business 13 10:49

  • McGeady to Grove: goad Microsoft into provoking the DoJ

    One wonders why he thought Microsoft needed goading before it would do this...

    Business 13 10:57

  • Intel Taiwan investment suggest DSL-ready scheme

    More CPU horsepower and lower-cost devices - right up Intel's street

    Business 13 11:27

  • Intel to buy into Be

    Meanwhile, Be announces new version of OS, persuades Hitachi to ship PCs with it

    Business 13 11:50

  • AMD predicts huge jump in turnover

    K6-2 and K6-7 to boost growth, claims CEO

    Business 13 11:55

  • Intel owns up to motherboard bug

    Claims BX2 problem now fixed

    Business 13 12:13

  • Diamond to axe up to 180 jobs

    Low-margin products dropped, focus shifts to proprietary technologies, inventory brought under control

    Business 13 12:25

  • VAT fraud investigations ramp

    This time its mobile phones

    Business 13 12:50

  • The MP3 scene comes of age

    Despite the best efforts of the RIAA, writes reader Nick Punt

    Business 13 13:02

  • Microsoft moves Chromeffects onto back-burner

    Great Stan suspends development of Web graphics technology, perhaps to avoid antitrust trouble

    Business 13 13:15

  • Big Five chaebols slapped with Big Fines

    FTC – not that one – finds them guilty of subsidiary shenanigans

    Business 13 13:25

  • Second-stage PowerPC G4 details emerge

    Motorola to offer multi-core CPU at 1GHz early 2000

    Business 13 13:40

  • Sharp loses sense of humour as profits slump 86 per cent

    But are the two related?

    Business 13 15:38

  • Apology to Intel Corporation

    We had the facts all wrong

    Business 13 15:58

  • Borland duped by fake accountess

    Calls for stricter checks on number cruncher

    Business 13 15:59

  • UK Webbees grow like Topsy

    But people are still sore about bandwidth, privacy, security...

    Business 13 16:07

  • Lycos and Tripod in three-legged race to attract advertisers

    £7.5 million invested in Web communities

    Business 13 16:17

  • Viglen too sweet for Sugar

    Investors told to hold their nerve

    Business 13 16:19

  • Dell does bloody well

    Prophets of doom confounded as hardware Stan bounces

    Business 13 16:20

  • Samsung readies fast floppy replacement

    But slower Zip, SuperDisk drives have plenty of time before its launched

    Business 13 16:38

  • Free watch for UK hacks as kit falls over

    Clock ticks as gravy train pulls to a halt

    Business 13 16:49

  • iMac sales reviving?

    CompUSA says yes, but the market data's not so clear

    Business 13 17:02

  • Modem business splits from Cirrus

    New company allows Cirrus to concentrate on core business

    Business 13 17:16

  • ENTEX now nimble says CEO

    So what was it before?

    Business 13 17:19