12th November 1998 Archive

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  • Chip market on rebound claims SIA

    Memories, CPUs and DSPs will all show positive growth

    Business 12 08:46

  • DoJ case ‘effort to advance competitors’ – Gates

    The government is a stooge for a shadowy conspiracy, apparently

    Business 12 10:19

  • Netscape buys Web marketing company

    Race on with Microsoft to buy more portal users

    Business 12 11:34

  • Smart, application-driven devices to replace PCs claims report

    Forrester sees a Jetson world without PCs, TVs and phones -- but how do you get there from here?

    Business 12 11:51

  • Samsung to put $1 billion into North Korea

    Move reflects previous Hyundai pledge

    Business 12 11:51

  • RBR wins Cisco academic channel rights

    Aims to appoint 10 key resellers

    Business 12 12:26

  • AOL buys PersonaLogic

    AOL hopes interactive buying guide developer will give it a lead in e-commerce

    Business 12 13:12

  • MS announces dates for channel training

    But have you got a window free in your diary

    Business 12 13:44

  • Sanitizer and Shredder launched in UK

    Software that gets you squeaky clean

    Business 12 14:00

  • DRAM market gets colly-wobbles

    Prices go up...prices go down...boom or doom?

    Business 12 14:42

  • Are Microsoft's trial attorneys delivering?

    The Register's brief encounter

    Business 12 15:03

  • MS apps ‘bloatware’ – official

    Beast of Redmond VP reveals all in court-released evidence

    Business 12 15:16

  • Hi-tech companies outpacing UK economy

    So invest in Eidos, Psion, etc. says Deloitte & Touche

    Business 12 15:38

  • NTT selects WinCE for debit-card tills

    Microsoft says CE was for embedded systems all along so maybe NT isn't after all...

    Business 12 16:12

  • CMD to revisit RAID

    Shrinks die for additional speed

    Business 12 16:15

  • Diamond introduces cheap Super 7 board

    Costs around $110, with sound and vision, company says

    Business 12 16:28

  • A year ago today: Boom, boom

    Chip industry will grow to $232 billion by 2000

    Business 12 16:33

  • Intel stirs up bus row

    We'll have to wait for the 30-year bus...

    Business 12 17:04

  • Net music sales to grow 2000 per cent by 2002

    But it's still a 'small earthquake, not many dead' story

    Business 12 17:13

  • Intel exec made up quotes, says Microsoft attorney

    We expect he made up all those Bill Gates emails as well then...

    Business 12 21:23