11th November 1998 Archive

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  • Intel demos four-way Xeon Linux system

    The fruits of the Red Hat deal are starting to become apparent

    Business 11 Nov 09:47

  • Windows Everywhere takes to the airwaves

    Microsoft's new JV with Qualcomm aims to extend Windows networks via wireless

    Business 11 Nov 10:45

  • Hyundai, LG appoint US third party to broker merger

    Nerves break after SK government gets tough

    Business 11 Nov 10:46

  • Intel predicts brighter Q4 than expected

    Revenues predicted to rise by ten per cent, Stan says

    Business 11 Nov 10:53

  • A year ago: Digital dating finds Intel unexpected partner

    Alpha Alpha seeds the beaches

    Business 11 Nov 11:07

  • NT Unix pack shipping next month

    Connect your Unix box to an NT system! See how much better NT is! Adopt NT instead of Unix! Or so the theory goes...

    Business 11 Nov 11:27

  • Iomega makes Irish eyes smile

    Opens customer satisfaction plant in Dublin

    Business 11 Nov 11:34

  • Torch the emails? Intel exec claims Gates considered it

    But it seems saintly old Bill resisted Satan's temptation

    Business 11 Nov 11:46

  • Iomega sued over Zip-zapping ‘click of death’

    Zip maker denies allegations

    Business 11 Nov 12:07

  • LG to intro 18.1in LCD

    Will show product at Comdex/Fall

    Business 11 Nov 12:09

  • Conexant non exact Texan con

    Rockwell Semi changes name

    Business 11 Nov 12:32

  • IBM prepares 25GB drive for consumer PCs

    "More capacious than an elephant's scrotum, and just as hard to get your hands on" -- E Blackadder

    Business 11 Nov 12:33

  • Split-up Microsoft, says Ellison

    And in the interest of balance, loosen Sun control of Java, apparently

    Business 11 Nov 12:34

  • ‘Gates unplugged’ session sheds light on 1995 strategy

    Notes from Intel meeting record views on IBM, Apple, Compaq, life the universe and everything

    Business 11 Nov 13:09

  • W3C proposes XML query language spec

    XQL could turn Web into relational database

    Business 11 Nov 14:55

  • Microsoft Web head quits

    Higgins departs to spend more time with his family. But I'll be back...

    Business 11 Nov 15:30

  • Compaq UK assembles anti-direct case against Compaq US

    No dissemblers in the UK, it maintains

    Business 11 Nov 16:09

  • SEC rules-change nets Motorola $99 million

    Starfish acquisition didn't cost so much after all

    Business 11 Nov 16:30

  • AMD takes brown box route

    Under the counter campaign, or what?

    Business 11 Nov 16:55

  • Datatec says g'day to CNI

    Latest corporate takeover is fair dinkum, mate

    Business 11 Nov 17:43

  • Microsoft said drop NSP or MMX gets it, says Intel exec

    McGeady holds his ground in face of heavy fire from cross-examination

    Business 11 Nov 17:45

  • CMG SAPs German market

    New deal strengthens CMG's hand in Germany

    Business 11 Nov 17:48