10th November 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago today: Psion harvest moon

    Lack of cable cripples Organiser 5

    Business 10 10:54

  • Acorn dealer dumps Acorn deal

    Tower Electronics says company's actions "despicable"

    Business 10 11:54

  • Sony, Fujitsu make MO breakthrough

    Gives 1.3GB capacities

    Business 10 12:03

  • Gates memos show how Microsoft puts screws on Intel

    And they suggest that the OEMs will only jump when Microsoft tells them to

    Business 10 12:05

  • Apple and Compaq were threatened, insists Tevanian

    Threat to Office was "strongest bargaining point"

    Business 10 12:44

  • Web sites are rubbish at customer care, says report

    So push off then, OK?

    Business 10 13:36

  • Share sales shore up Softbank numbers

    But ZD drags them down - sack 'em, says The Register

    Business 10 14:03

  • HP staff to spend four more days in Chrimbo limbo

    Asian crisis? Bah, humbug...

    Business 10 14:07

  • Germans find rule for making money on the Net

    IF {population_with_Net_access >= 20%} THEN {web_sites = $++}

    Business 10 14:29

  • Schadt ist kaput

    Vobis, PC Specialist take on warranties

    Business 10 14:45

  • Stordata publishes profits warnings

    But it's not all bad news

    Business 10 14:49

  • HP touts reseller-friendly ecommerce

    New roles will not spell "death of the middleman"

    Business 10 14:52

  • CTI firm experiences Lynx effect

    Exepos says "phwooah" to £3.3m deal

    Business 10 14:58

  • Intel Inside ad agency loses Intel consumer business

    Could this be the end of the bunny ads? We sure as hell hope so...

    Business 10 15:02

  • NCD and Intel to leanly dally

    Old lamps for new, or just old lamps?

    Business 10 15:36

  • 4Front buys London training company

    Seller to concentrate on high-end business

    Business 10 16:17

  • Lousy Intel software 2: Windows 98's full of the stuff

    At the 98 launch, Intel listed all its techie contributions -- as a purely precautionary measure, of course...

    Business 10 16:22

  • Hardware Satan talks to Software Satan

    And Compaq put in shadow by Win2000 plan

    Business 10 16:24

  • The Lotus Compaq buck stops there

    No more finger-pointing promises Lotus

    Business 10 16:33

  • Ingram opens UK call centre

    Virtual warehouse

    Business 10 16:40

  • The PC killed the Music Publisher

    I want my MP3

    Business 10 16:50

  • Gates under the grill – the full transcript

    The Register publishes the full (well nearly) Monty, for all you trial junkies out there

    Business 10 17:04

  • Gates to Intel: stop competing with Microsoft

    "Microsoft was concerned that things would get out of its control," says exec

    Business 10 18:19