9th November 1998 Archive

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  • A year ago: Slit One will be an integrated motherboard

    Intel decides not to socket and see

    Business 09 Nov 08:18

  • Mid-year shipment for Windows 2K? Maybe…

    If the promo programme's kicking in, it means Microsoft thinks it has a shot at it

    Business 09 Nov 08:57

  • 370-pin 366MHz Celeron to appear in January 1999

    Predominant design will have Gigabyte support

    Business 09 Nov 10:42

  • Compaq takes further direct step

    Channel likely to be absolutely livid

    Business 09 Nov 11:11

  • Mulligan exits Datrontech

    Mack and Wand assume commercial responsibilities

    Business 09 Nov 11:30

  • Big Blue gnaws at GnetFinity prices

    Thin end of the direct wedge

    Business 09 Nov 12:08

  • Memsolve bounces back after Customs raid

    Innocent victim, company says

    Business 09 Nov 12:37

  • Microsoft probes UK hacks nervous systems

    Charmingly offensive?

    Business 09 Nov 12:50

  • LSA finds Utopia in UK

    Acquisition is music to Lilly's ears

    Business 09 Nov 13:09

  • Bogus cheques used in computer fraud

    Dealers warned to be on their guard

    Business 09 Nov 13:16

  • Valley reckons Microsoft case won't change The Beast

    But they do think it will be good for competition. Puzzling, no?

    Business 09 Nov 13:31

  • DoJ subpoenas Gates' former girlfriend over Vobis

    Justice is chasing claims that evidence was deliberately destroyed

    Business 09 Nov 13:33

  • Intel to testify in Microsoft case today

    And this one will be verbal only, so pay attention at the back

    Business 09 Nov 13:36

  • LG, Hyundai desparate for European LCD partners

    South Korean government hunting them

    Business 09 Nov 15:37

  • Compaq coy about selling servers direct

    Product manager claims Big Blue falls behind

    Business 09 Nov 15:46

  • IBM slashes LCD and CRT monitor prices

    Big Blue in big hunt for low prices

    Business 09 Nov 16:20

  • Microsoft launches SQL Server 7.0 in middle of US trial

    Attempts to head butt IBM, Oracle in corporate market

    Business 09 Nov 16:38

  • SerCom lifts DCC's results

    IT arm records 60 per cent profit growth

    Business 09 Nov 16:39

  • New licensing service is Ideal

    Helpdesk makes it easy

    Business 09 Nov 16:42

  • Intel aims Bluetooth efforts at ‘hidden computing’

    Hidden computing? Networks you don't know about but that run your life for you? Yup, that's the company...

    Business 09 Nov 18:10

  • Microsoft fixes QuickTime, but says it didn't break it

    But check the small print of the patch posting -- it confirms Tevanian's claims

    Business 09 Nov 21:21

  • Intel writes lousy software, says Gates

    Kindly Bill tells Intel it's wasting its money on crap programming -- leave it to me, he says

    Business 09 Nov 21:47