6th November 1998 Archive

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  • Linux readers compare The Register to ZD Net

    OMG will meet this Saturday to thrash it out

    Business 06 01:08

  • Palm founders kick off new company

    Aim to focus compatible platform on consumer market

    Business 06 09:25

  • Microsoft gains in Web server wars

    But it seems to be the little guys getting hit, and Apache still leads

    Business 06 09:28

  • SIA optimistic about chip market

    But year on year figures show sharp declines

    Business 06 10:34

  • 'We're talking about knifing the baby' – MS exec

    QuickTime infanticide proposal revealed in Apple, Microsoft meeting memo

    Business 06 10:36

  • DigiCash files for protective redundancy

    e-cash utopia still some way off

    Business 06 10:58

  • Survey: PC card market to be worth $1.3 billion by 2004

    3Com-USR rule whole roost

    Business 06 11:41

  • 12 November 1998: DRAM prices get attack of colly wobbles

    Prices slump. Is it a false start?

    Business 06 12:11

  • Apple targets low-income families as iMac sales decline

    Mac maker offers hire purchase scheme. Look out, Radio Rentals, we say...

    Business 06 12:11

  • Cisco slams small business for resisting Internet revolution

    Network nabob launches Web site for... er... companies without Web access

    Business 06 12:37

  • Second Microsoft leak boosts Linux

    Best-of-breed Unix, customisable, scalable, reliable - what's this guy doing working for Microsoft anyway?

    Business 06 12:49

  • Hyundai-LG talks collapse in disagreement

    Debacle means punishment by government likely

    Business 06 13:10

  • Workplace snaffles LanBase

    More consolidation in UK networking channel

    Business 06 13:37

  • Net quacks could be bad for your health – official

    Take two Inspirons and see me in the morning...

    Business 06 13:38

  • Blair launches National Grid for Learning

    But £700 million budget not enough, says advisor

    Business 06 13:44

  • Partner slaps Yahoo! with $10 million lawsuit

    Portal's bugs bashed our reputation as a broker, claims litigant

    Business 06 13:49

  • Amazon set to sell software

    Videos first stage in plan to sell "almost anything" online

    Business 06 13:55

  • Broker trims Videologic annual profit forecast

    But anticipates better things for next year

    Business 06 14:16

  • Music industry body to probe Samsung

    Will Yepp say nay to pirates?

    Business 06 15:45

  • Nvidia appoints VML as UK rep?

    Taylor and Bryne add another string to their repertoire, allegedly

    Business 06 16:16

  • Nigel Parry to exit Datrontech subsidiary Portable AddOns

    No date given for leaving party

    Business 06 16:46

  • Datatec interim profits up five-fold

    Company will brand Logical name worldwide

    Business 06 16:50

  • NEC invests $15 million in WinCE hardware developer

    Companies to co-operate on Risc-based CE-optimised CPU family

    Business 06 16:51

  • Netscape feels White House lash

    Battle flag of electronic freedom barely obscures naked flesh

    Business 06 22:23