5th November 1998 Archive

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  • Who killed Apple's Rhapsody?

    Strange but true -- Steve did, not Bill

    Business 05 Nov 07:00

  • Linux-Corba spat gets readers' goats

    React in fury to senior source's statement

    Business 05 Nov 09:36

  • Cisco Q1 results: profits, revenue up…


    Business 05 Nov 11:48

  • Cadence to axe 560 jobs

    Redundancies to tackle rampant growth in operating costs

    Business 05 Nov 12:13

  • Tavanian ‘Microsoft attempted to nuke QuickTime’ line continues

    But hard evidence seems thin on the ground

    Business 05 Nov 12:30

  • BeOS 4.0 set for December release

    First mainstream release targets Intel-based workstation users.

    Business 05 Nov 13:11

  • Schadt faces bankruptcy

    Seven hundred jobs at stake

    Business 05 Nov 13:13

  • Leading US indie label backs MP3

    Mainstream music industry's grumblings clearly miss the point

    Business 05 Nov 13:53

  • Survey: Consumers fuel surge in PC sales

    $1000-1500 PCs bring home the bacon (but not so much of it)

    Business 05 Nov 14:27

  • LG, Hyundai get pushed by government to move

    LG, Hyundai get pushed by government to move

    Business 05 Nov 15:06

  • AMD admits European home networking gaffe

    It didn't realise that some countries prohibited such things

    Business 05 Nov 15:17

  • Ad watchdog puts the boot in

    So why is Mr Magoo so hacked off?

    Business 05 Nov 15:37

  • Novell nails pirates to the mast

    Upgrades sold as full copies, allegedly

    Business 05 Nov 15:43

  • Remember, remember the 5th of November DRAM prices

    Our daily DRAM update from Dane-Elec

    Business 05 Nov 15:57

  • Survey: boomtime for Internet services business

    Outsourcing leads tenfold expansion of Net services arena by 2002, claims IDC

    Business 05 Nov 16:25

  • Datrontech chief says company will turn round

    Share price falls to 30p on stock market

    Business 05 Nov 16:31

  • Seagate debuts 50GB drive

    New generation of hard drives expand capacity envelope

    Business 05 Nov 16:41

  • Intel, IBM beef up e-security

    You'd have thought they were both paranoid enough already

    Business 05 Nov 17:10

  • Knife the Mac? Redmond Don in shock infanticide allegation

    Microsoft trial descends into tacky film noir mode

    Business 05 Nov 22:15