4th November 1998 Archive

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  • Government victimising Gates, says Microsoft

    Beating up Bill on video is cowardly - they should face him in person, apparently...

    Business 04 09:06

  • PC age over, says IBM

    But maybe Big Blue has admitted war is over

    Business 04 09:25

  • Olivetti saga not over yet

    When the moon's in the sky like a big pizza pie...

    Business 04 09:49

  • Hyundai unit spin off will retard LG merger

    Move will appease government but enrage LG

    Business 04 10:06

  • Sun tries to head-off HP real time revolt

    Is the great Java standards schism upon us?

    Business 04 10:17

  • New York e-cash experiment flops

    Nobody seemed to care about it, but they'll be back...

    Business 04 10:58

  • Europe losing the plot on Web, says Gartner

    The problem seems to be that Europe consists of lots of different countries. Egad...

    Business 04 11:01

  • Microsoft misses rush to register Windows 2000 trademark

    NT 5.0 may have to stay NT 5.0. Doh...

    Business 04 11:19

  • Microsoft readies embedded version of NT

    But where are they going to shove all those millions of lines of code?

    Business 04 11:48

  • Microsoft, Qualcomm to challenge mobile phone outfits

    The unpopular pair are poised to launch their riposte to Symbian next week

    Business 04 11:50

  • Diamond to add Liquid Audio to Rio

    Deal suggests Diamond is caving in to the music industry

    Business 04 12:24

  • Web security wholly inadequate, company claims

    Only two per cent of breaches revealed

    Business 04 12:33

  • Liquid Audio, Adaptec unveil Net-to-CD music pact

    Download the tracks, save them on CD

    Business 04 15:11

  • 4 November 1998: DRAM prices

    Our daily DRAM update from Dane-Elec

    Business 04 15:16

  • CAP proposes stamp of approval for Web advertising

    'Trustmark' to indicate legal, decent, honest and truthful ads -- when they can find some...

    Business 04 15:22

  • NTT takes law into own hands over NEC allegations

    Scandal breeds moral rectitude

    Business 04 15:27

  • Yahoo! climbs into bed with BT

    Pay-as you-go service just a click away

    Business 04 15:32

  • ICM Computer Group makes ‘healthy gains’

    Good formula for growth

    Business 04 15:38

  • OMG objects to Linux

    Software equivalent of Viagra, source says

    Business 04 15:43

  • Mita executives busted

    But move will not affect Kyocera's plans

    Business 04 16:06

  • Siemens prepares to rid itself of semiconductor business

    Semiconductor op. be listed on stock exchange, 60,000 jobs to go -- many to outer space, apparently

    Business 04 16:08

  • NEC admits it delayed Sega Dreamcast

    We had problems modifying PowerVR for Dreamcast, confesses NEC exec

    Business 04 16:24

  • AMD executives parade round in flowerpots

    Can anyone explain this to us?

    Business 04 16:51