3rd November 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft challenge to testimony rebuffed

    Attempt to rule out hearsay fails for the second time

    Business 03 Nov 09:20

  • Lawyers spin after Gates video

    And will the US elections keep Billy-Boy off the front pages?

    Business 03 Nov 09:24

  • Gates squirms on screen as memory problems re-emerge

    Are those who don't remember past emails condemned to resend them?

    Business 03 Nov 09:29

  • Chapter 11 looms for Syquest

    Company seeks refuge but acquisition more likely

    Business 03 Nov 09:36

  • Leaked Microsoft memo outlines anti-Linux strategy

    An internal discussion document tries to figure out how Redmond could steal open source software's clothes

    Business 03 Nov 10:40

  • East is red, says Dell

    Company opens plant in Red China

    Business 03 Nov 10:49

  • HP makes four-way bid for networks

    Offers fibre channel solutions

    Business 03 Nov 10:52

  • CPU and component famine likely next year

    Motherboards, hard drives and other parts constrained too

    Business 03 Nov 11:55

  • HP alliance throws down Java gauntlet to Sun

    The formation of a new industry group is calculated to loosen Sun's control of Java

    Business 03 Nov 13:17

  • Iomega proposes ‘Zip Everywhere’ strategy

    Forget the network, send your data by... er... 100MB floppy substitute

    Business 03 Nov 14:00

  • MIPS goes all precious on us

    A treasure hoard of RISCy chips, Jim lad

    Business 03 Nov 14:34

  • ilion raids Metrologie for new UK MD

    Johnson moves on

    Business 03 Nov 14:54

  • Xavier posts record interim results

    So it's smiles all round then? Not quite

    Business 03 Nov 15:03

  • ATM fends off IP, Insight claims

    Best choice for interconnectivity

    Business 03 Nov 15:16

  • DOCData slashes workforce by one third

    Dutch axe falls on UK and California

    Business 03 Nov 15:21

  • 3 November 1998: DRAM prices

    Our daily DRAM update from Dane-Elec

    Business 03 Nov 16:34