2nd November 1998 Archive

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  • Sony claims MR breakthrough

    Hard drive firms already sampling heads

    Business 02 Nov 07:56

  • NEC, Toshiba shift from 64Mbit to 128Mbit DRAM

    Notebook demand the reason

    Business 02 Nov 08:07

  • Singapore gets network boost

    3Com to plunge $70 million into the island

    Business 02 Nov 10:10

  • ST, Microsoft to work together on CE

    Système on a chip gets boost from software satan

    Business 02 Nov 10:20

  • What's that iMac all about then…


    Business 02 Nov 10:26

  • 2 November 1998: DRAM prices

    Our daily DRAM update from Dane-Elec

    Business 02 Nov 11:26

  • Philips to shut down a third of factories worldwide

    Will it shut down its monitor factories?

    Business 02 Nov 11:59

  • Diamond Multimedia forms MP3 lobby body

    Group wants to make friends and influence people in the music biz. Good luck -- you'll need it

    Business 02 Nov 12:30

  • EU considers its own case against Microsoft

    Van Miert seems to be considering opening a second front

    Business 02 Nov 12:34

  • Aztec goes Savage with graphics card

    Card comes in two flavours

    Business 02 Nov 12:51

  • PC World takes on Dell with mix ‘n’ match scheme

    Shoppers invited to design own PCs

    Business 02 Nov 12:55

  • C-Cube unveils DVD recording chip

    DVexplore aimed at consumer PCs with DVD-RAM drives, but where are they?

    Business 02 Nov 12:55

  • Big Blue Micro to fab out 3Com Pacific chips

    Deal worth $10 million for launch next year

    Business 02 Nov 13:05

  • Microsoft cheeses off corporations

    Thin client pricing all wrong -- official

    Business 02 Nov 13:15

  • General Magic spins-off handheld business

    Waves wand, pulls semi-independent operation out of hat

    Business 02 Nov 13:25

  • Elderly citizens to get free ThinkPads, on one term and condition

    It's true....

    Business 02 Nov 15:13

  • Compaq shows off set of Cabletron Ethernet gnashers

    Why doesn’t Compaq just buy Cabletron and get it over with?

    Business 02 Nov 15:44

  • Intel rolls out $699 thin server challenge to Microsoft

    A 486 and an embedded OS - so who needs Exchange?

    Business 02 Nov 15:48

  • Sun, IBM slim NC expectations

    Nowadays, NC equals Niche Computer

    Business 02 Nov 15:50

  • German Net boycott goes ahead

    But Deutsche Telekom cut prices anyway

    Business 02 Nov 16:20

  • How the Microsoft machine crushed Apple – Tevanian

    The Apple exec's testimony provides a case study of how the Microsoft 'standards' script operates

    Business 02 Nov 20:07