30th October 1998 Archive

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  • Gerstner files to cash $20 million in IBM shares

    But he still has several hundred million to go...

    Business 30 08:28

  • Oracle strikes deal to push Linux apps in Japan

    PHT recruited for joint development and promotion

    Business 30 08:31

  • Netscape moves into Web-based enterprise app services

    New products extend Peoplesoft to extranets

    Business 30 09:20

  • Synopsys to create VC chip fund

    Systems on chips order of the day

    Business 30 12:02

  • MS strives to prove potential AOL, Netscape pact anti-competitive

    Colbourn cross-examination continues...

    Business 30 12:16

  • SPC contemplates its future

    Harvard Graphics could be up for sale

    Business 30 13:14

  • Action tipped by Investors Chronicle

    Stable margins

    Business 30 14:22

  • All I want for Christmas is my cheap PC

    Platt claims pricing pressures are easing

    Business 30 14:29

  • Schlumberger, Samsung form alliance

    Aim to capitalise on systems on board

    Business 30 14:40

  • Videologic slammed by Sega

    Console developer gets squits in run-up to DreamCast launch

    Business 30 15:00

  • Dark night for Ionica as no white knight tips up

    Administrators are now in the office

    Business 30 15:05

  • Doh! Homer Simpson sells out to Satanic Intel

    Brain upgrade plan a very worrying development

    Business 30 15:23

  • Fujitsu dumps Singapore

    Sells out to local outfit

    Business 30 15:43

  • Dixons and Cyrix team up – predictably

    £599 PCs to take advantage of Santa situation

    Business 30 15:57

  • GE Cap takes stake in ITG

    It's a five percenter

    Business 30 16:37

  • Intel to extend leasing service to SMEs

    It ain't just boxes from the Great Stan

    Business 30 16:45

  • Datrontech: Buy! Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell! Sell

    Do you remember?

    Business 30 16:55