29th October 1998 Archive

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  • Barksdale suggests splitting Microsoft operations

    But if you split OS and apps, do you let Microsoft decide which is which?

    Business 29 08:07

  • Microsoft paid Apple $150m to settle QuickTime suit

    DoJ lawyer uncovers price of settling embarrassing copyright infringement dispute

    Business 29 08:09

  • Qualcomm snuggles up to Beijing

    Wants CDMA to be standard in China, wants open standards globally. Shurely shome mishtake?

    Business 29 09:12

  • Intel and IBM save SCO, says Michels

    Which makes you wonder about how close SCO came, doesn't it?

    Business 29 09:14

  • Forrester predicts terminal slump for PCs

    One more year of plenty, and then Larry Ellison starts winning...

    Business 29 09:17

  • AOL exec disputes ‘IE was better’ claim

    It was cheaper, he says, and the contract with Microsoft said it had to be 85 per cent of our shipments

    Business 29 09:24

  • Quantum/MKE deck wafer facility

    Not cost-economic

    Business 29 10:20

  • Quantum changes mind on fibre

    And Atlas ready to roll

    Business 29 10:22

  • Feds bust 44 Internet stock tipsters

    The SEC has drawn up a very long list of very small offending companies

    Business 29 10:23

  • Ziff Davis says Bog Off Santa Claus


    Business 29 10:55

  • Ingram manages healthy Q3 rise

    Great Satan of distribution storms on

    Business 29 12:13

  • Sony prepares for first loss in six years

    Japanese giant blames economic downturn, pricing pressure

    Business 29 12:26

  • Red blood stains Acer's balance sheet

    And it's DRAM, DRAM again

    Business 29 12:39

  • Of Reps and Men

    It's not that easy...

    Business 29 12:51

  • Maxtor gets over hard time

    Profit! Red blood disappears!

    Business 29 13:02

  • Shuttle cocky after SCM buy

    Brit entrepreneur collects $33 million in SCM paper

    Business 29 13:09

  • Amazon loss widens in Q3

    But revenue continues to grow too

    Business 29 13:09

  • Mitsubishi to end US chip operations

    Holding companies go too, but staff will be retained

    Business 29 14:58

  • Lion Azlan roars – softly

    Does it have a sore throat?

    Business 29 15:09

  • AMD prices finally arrive

    But why have they taken so long -- without any spin involved?

    Business 29 15:21

  • AOL, Netscape colluded to beat ‘Beast of Redmond’, claims MS attorney

    And who can blame them? replies DoJ

    Business 29 15:23

  • Big Blue, StorageTek cuddle up – greatly

    Obviously, a merger is on the cards

    Business 29 15:58

  • Kewill homes in on Tracer

    Makes warehouses deeper

    Business 29 16:29

  • Web advertising spend leaps ahead

    But researchers continue to fight over the figures

    Business 29 16:33

  • Gateway touts leasing at couch potatoes

    Old PCs for new and Aladdin and the Lamps...

    Business 29 16:36

  • Updated: Intel to junk current Celeron strategy in two week's time

    Senior exec spills the beans and bacon as well...

    Business 29 22:50

  • Intel seems to be developing cunning MMX3 channel plan

    The prices on the tablecloth say it all...

    Business 29 23:02