28th October 1998 Archive

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  • StrongARM connection makes Corel Linux deal worth watching

    Did you hear the one about the Linux distributor, the StrongArm designer and the hardware vendor?

    Business 28 Oct 09:08

  • Microsoft paid AOL ‘bounty’ for conversions from rivals, says exec

    Superficially damaging claims from Apple are shaky, but the AOL connection looks more dangerous for Microsoft

    Business 28 Oct 09:10

  • IBM extends, high-speed, high-capacity hard drive line

    Ultrastar's bring IBM into line with Seagate

    Business 28 Oct 12:45

  • Gateway Lazarus box to revive Amiga

    AmigaOS machine to run on PowerPC, take on Apple's iMac

    Business 28 Oct 12:46

  • Intel pledges £1.5 million to UK Science Museum

    Extension will focus on contemporary technology

    Business 28 Oct 12:56

  • 3Com readies SAN plan

    WAN, SAN, thank you Ma'am

    Business 28 Oct 13:05

  • Transmeta turned Linus into an olive

    Then someone ate him, and he disappeared

    Business 28 Oct 13:12

  • Packard Bell chooses AMD parts

    Move indicates more distance from Intel

    Business 28 Oct 13:26

  • Hitachi sees red in six month period

    Domino effect hits another Japanese technology firm

    Business 28 Oct 13:39

  • Intel warns no money in Web content

    Bit worrying for us, isn't it?

    Business 28 Oct 13:58

  • No buyers means no jobs at Seagate chip plant

    262 jobs gone

    Business 28 Oct 14:13

  • Motorola join Psion in Symbian relationship

    Now it's the Gang of Four

    Business 28 Oct 15:03

  • UK firm announces MP3 player

    Empeg seeks to avoid the legal entanglements binding Diamond's Rio

    Business 28 Oct 15:17

  • Iridium a rare metal. Satellite Iridium a rare service

    Fear of loss of face could mean egg on face

    Business 28 Oct 15:46

  • Hopes of Hyundai-LG chip merger rise

    Lights at green or red? Orange spells caution more like

    Business 28 Oct 16:02

  • European Micro Holdings buys Sunbelt UK

    Sunshine Supernova

    Business 28 Oct 16:17

  • Now Dixons under Cyrix belt

    who? Daewoo

    Business 28 Oct 16:38