27th October 1998 Archive

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  • Diamond wins right to ship Rio music player

    Beats off recording industry in this round of legal fight

    Business 27 09:30

  • Microsoft has egg on face, says DoJ

    Company accused of mounting 'cynical attempt to distract attention'

    Business 27 09:38

  • ‘Da cops set us up’ – Microsoft shock claim

    The Netscape meet was all an elaborate sting to trigger a DoJ investigation, says attorney

    Business 27 09:42

  • IBM-SCO Unix deal may raise question over PPC future

    And it may also mean IBM's Intel AIX development was a crock...

    Business 27 09:45

  • Solaris goes 64 as Sun turns up screws on NT

    Ed Zander is claiming a three year lead over Microsoft, but he's nearly two ahead of himself...

    Business 27 09:50

  • Cyrix Comet blazes through skies

    Daewoo boxes will sit inside 230 stores

    Business 27 10:52

  • Red ink splashes Toshiba's balance sheet

    But it did well selling washing machines...

    Business 27 12:12

  • MS modifies line on market splitting meeting with Netscape

    'Fess up, Barksdale, you connived with the DoJ, alleges Microsoft attorney

    Business 27 12:19

  • Danes develop atomic memory chip

    Technique promises million-fold expansion of storage capacities

    Business 27 13:14

  • UK Government takes uncivil liberties with Net legislation

    Big Brother peeks through the back door

    Business 27 15:24

  • Novell awarded $25.9 million against trademark infringer

    Snuffer sniffed at Nuffer's number, but judge awarded it anyway

    Business 27 15:27

  • Taiwan hits back at Micron legal tactics

    Meanwhile Mosel claims Micron has assumed TI's legalistic mantel

    Business 27 15:32

  • Context predicts rosy 1998 for European PC sales

    And 1999 could be even better

    Business 27 15:43

  • Old and New Worlds clash over e-privacy legislation

    We came here to get away from that sort of thing, claims Land of the Free

    Business 27 15:48

  • MBO moves Earth for Scottish seismic software specialist

    Register writes story for blatant headline joke opportunity -- shock

    Business 27 15:53

  • Intel takes share in anti-walkabout software

    For some reason PCs keep disappearing from firms

    Business 27 15:55

  • HP, Wave tout hardware-based e-security system

    Cheaply takes security provision from server to clients

    Business 27 15:57

  • Our tariff

    Money can buy us

    Business 27 16:22

  • Paul Lloyd quits SCC

    Tom Barrett homes in on national sales directorship

    Business 27 16:37

  • A warranty is not just for Christmas – it's for life

    What happens to me when you go bust

    Business 27 16:51

  • Korean MICE says non-DRAM NICE

    Wons galore for non memory chips

    Business 27 17:09

  • Multi-coloured, multi-currency swap shop, Quarterdeck style

    Built by Infobank

    Business 27 17:41