26th October 1998 Archive

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  • Compaq under increased threat from direct vendors – now official

    Market research companies confirm Pfeiffer's worst fears - he's in for a haircut

    Business 26 Oct 07:48

  • Intel price cuts boost PII over Celeron

    'Strong acceptance' of PII means lower prices, higher volumes - so whither Celeron?

    Business 26 Oct 11:12

  • ST claims sub-$100 chip breakthrough

    But will only industrial users benefit?

    Business 26 Oct 12:07

  • Scots to coordinate chip intellectual property right exchange

    ARM, Cadence, Moto early partners in system on chip scheme

    Business 26 Oct 12:40

  • Memory Corp eases way out of AIM

    It's European-bound

    Business 26 Oct 13:14

  • IBM to resell notebook drives to Compaq, Gateway

    The biggest smallest drives in the world, claims Big Blue. We ask, are they Aspidestras?

    Business 26 Oct 13:34

  • US SEC gets cross about profits. Very cross

    US organisation investigating a vulgar practice

    Business 26 Oct 15:35

  • It's financials again – but it's a Colt that's pointing at you, here

    Telco increases its loss

    Business 26 Oct 15:38

  • Nokia goes for cultural Chinese mobile revolution

    Fights off Motorola in bid to capture virtual Tianamen Square of mobiles

    Business 26 Oct 15:46

  • Microsoft pushing for smaller than ever CE

    Leaner, meaner, slimmer and faster....

    Business 26 Oct 16:03

  • The Microsoft Trial continues…

    Netscape CEO testimony due to be wrapped up today, and Gates' video evidence should be made public

    Business 26 Oct 16:23

  • Quakeadelica UK finalist did not use Intel PII/450 box, says AMD

    Report in British daily denied by spin doctors

    Business 26 Oct 16:48

  • AT&T goes up… and up

    Cutting costs -- makes all the difference (are you listening, BT?)

    Business 26 Oct 17:06

  • Childe Rolande IBM rides from Aix to Gwent, bypassing Java but including Santa Cruz

    A rediscovery of Unix has got Big Blue and its ISVs all excited. Will IBM buy SCO?

    Business 26 Oct 17:43