25th October 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft under real pressure now to finish NT 5.0 beta 3 by Thanksgiving

    Developers race to meet turkey deadline

    Business 25 16:38

  • Iomega finds Rockwell White Knight to turn company around

    Poached CEO completes board restructuring

    Business 25 16:54

  • Moto, Aureal team – softly

    Product for Intel AMR and mobile version Q1 1999

    Business 25 17:07

  • Hyundai comes up with 500 cow idea – again

    Chaebol under pressure from banks as 20 luxury cars go north

    Business 25 17:28

  • “Leaked memo” claims Intel's vendor of choice rating slumped in Q3

    Craig Barrett's report to troops says job cuts will continue

    Business 25 18:02