23rd October 1998 Archive

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  • Microsoft attorney ‘exposes’ Netscape sales policy

    The memos show Netscape expected not to be paid for some of its browsers, but we knew that already...

    Business 23 06:52

  • Micron files anti-dumping charges against Taiwan

    More capacity, more money, and now it's going after the competition

    Business 23 08:20

  • Philips-Lucent JV goes horribly pear-shaped

    Outfit that was supposed to be profitable from the off drops $403 million, Philips says it was "interesting"

    Business 23 09:01

  • Trial day four: is Microsoft playing the boredom card?

    As Jim Barksdale heads for a fourth day on the stand, we could be heading for the Big Z

    Business 23 10:38

  • Barksdale bites back over ‘lie’ accusations

    It's boiling down to who's lying, Netscape or Microsoft

    Business 23 10:40

  • Netscape Navigator bug exposed

    Unix Plug-in code provides doorway for malicious software

    Business 23 11:12

  • DSL standard set

    Could become official by next June

    Business 23 11:15

  • HP lines up Linux for embedded role

    Linux-running standalone 'Web appliance' boxes could signal PA-Risc's survival

    Business 23 11:16

  • Mylex claims return to profitability despite Q3 loss

    Growth strong in Europe and the Pacific Rim

    Business 23 11:26

  • Intel antitrust trial rescheduled

    We'll have to wait a further six weeks now

    Business 23 11:51

  • Gateway claims record PC sales in Q3

    Sales flat in Europe, however

    Business 23 12:03

  • Software publisher slams British game censorship

    UK censor takes its time issuing certificate to "sick" game

    Business 23 12:18

  • UK high street retailers make more profit from warranties than PCs

    Survey lifts lid on scam

    Business 23 12:25

  • Fibre Channel Group Europe offers third party training

    JV with US equivalent

    Business 23 12:27

  • UK DEC dealers merge

    Will float within three to five years

    Business 23 12:28

  • Tipster touts RM

    Enviable Position

    Business 23 12:54

  • Jobs: Apple wanted to buy Palm

    Or is he talking out of his bus?

    Business 23 12:55

  • Breakeven best scenario for Kalamazoo

    Investors Chronicle judgement call

    Business 23 13:00

  • 286 chip alive and kicking

    Some assemblers are still building PC systems - not embedded

    Business 23 14:54

  • NEC chairman to spend more time with his family

    Resignation follows defence-procurement scandal. H1 1999 loss hasn't helped either

    Business 23 15:51

  • IBM invests $250 million in Dublin

    Demand for platters the reason, says Big Blue

    Business 23 15:55

  • Today's DRAM prices

    Courtesy of Dane-Elec

    Business 23 16:23

  • Gagging orders given to plaintiff in Computacenter case

    Former technical director gains some respite

    Business 23 16:50

  • Elitegroup fished by PC Chips

    Acquisition in all but name

    Business 23 17:54