22nd October 1998 Archive

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  • Dane-Elec to beef up memory module manufacture

    Will start manufacturing unit in US

    Business 22 08:59

  • Microsoft sought to pollute Java, maybe Sun let it

    Sun's evidence indicates Microsoft cynically attempted to fragment Java, Microsoft's that Sun messed-up and let it

    Business 22 09:27

  • Intel to stop supplying chips in trays

    All but the largest OEMs will get chips in boxes

    Business 22 09:52

  • Vanguard wins contract to sell Cyrix CPUs in UK

    Will act as rep for CPUs initially

    Business 22 11:24

  • Supply constraints hit low end monitors

    17in monitors dominate market but flat panel display sales still in the doldrums

    Business 22 11:29

  • Madison and Deerfield to split Intel IA-64 architecture

    The Intel roadmap is fleshing out towards 2003, when 64-bit will be where it's at

    Business 22 11:29

  • Judge gives DoJ two more days on Microsoft data

    Justice faces a tough job in getting all it wants before the shutters come down

    Business 22 11:31

  • Novell buys into NetObjects

    Will bundle Web design tool with Netware

    Business 22 11:33

  • More questions for Barksdale, but judge gets tetchy

    If it keeps going at this rate, it won't keep going at all, suspects Jackson

    Business 22 11:33

  • Clark memo fails to shake Barksdale in six hour marathon

    Netscape's CEO declines to say what Microsoft's brief wants him to say

    Business 22 11:34

  • ISS has ANSA to network security

    Security standards body front for technology licensing scheme

    Business 22 11:36

  • CTX licensed Big Blue patents

    PB sued CTX last week. Waters muddy. Official

    Business 22 11:55

  • Intel, AMD and Cyrix to feature in price cut blizzard

    Snow, snow, thick thick snow buries original Celeron

    Business 22 12:13

  • Big Blue's new PowerPC chip uses Transmeta technology

    We name the guilty parties...

    Business 22 14:39

  • Samsung plays waiting DRAM game

    Hyundai and LG will suffer from merger delays

    Business 22 15:19

  • The great satan of hardware called Dell, is doing amazingly well. When it started quite small… it was nothing at all… then chose Microsoft DOS as its shell

    Dell ramps up PC volume to 12,000 a day from Limerick

    Business 22 15:42

  • Harris bangs Apple's head over Newton

    'We lost money when you cancelled Newton -- so pay up or else', claims vendor

    Business 22 15:49

  • IT company calls on EU to regularise VAT when the Euro dawns

    UK's VAT fraud now amounts to £300 million because of inequalities

    Business 22 15:57

  • Big Blue makes European channel u-turn look like fast oil tanker

    Tells business partners in Monaco NetFinity Direct arrives

    Business 22 16:22

  • Microsoft NT 5.0 for Merced could be 32/64-bit hybrid system

    Getting NT on Merced from the off may mean a repeat of the Windows 95 experience

    Business 22 16:48

  • PC Chips snaffles stake in Elitegroup

    Massive savings expected

    Business 22 17:16

  • Read-Rite or Red Wrong?

    Losing but improving

    Business 22 17:22

  • Survey: price, not security bars consumer e-commerce

    Offer lower prices and the world will beat a path to your Web site

    Business 22 17:32