21st October 1998 Archive

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  • The true costs of Linux development

    A Register reader challenges the Microsoft 'one man' theory of Linux

    Business 21 08:31

  • EU denies fixing mobile phone market in Europe's favour

    The expected counterblast has been issued. Now, who apart from Qualcomm is complaining?

    Business 21 09:09

  • Trial unnecessary, and we don't have to be polite – Microsoft lawyer

    It was Sound-bite City as John Warden opened for Microsoft's defence yesterday

    Business 21 09:26

  • Smoking memos that support Netscape's carve-up tales

    New documentation indicates that Netscape's 'fantasy' originated the day after the companies met -- spooky, eh?

    Business 21 09:29

  • ‘How much to screw Netscape’ memo sheds light on AOL IE deal

    These days AOL claims IE was technically superior -- but what was it saying at the time?

    Business 21 09:33

  • Beebug scuttles away from Acorn

    Veteran dealer blames Acorn

    Business 21 11:35

  • Microsoft results ahead of expectations, as expected

    Weirdly, the company's still finding 98 sales surprising too...

    Business 21 12:13

  • Gates didn't threaten Intel's Grove, says Microsoft attorney

    Attempts to get Intel to drop NSP were for technical reasons, claims Microsoft

    Business 21 12:20

  • Barksdale holds ground in three hour cross-examination

    Microsoft attorney John Warden has so far failed to dent the Netscape CEO's armour -- but he's only on page 13 of 127

    Business 21 12:23

  • IE 4 security bug latest

    Yet another way for Web sites to sneak dodgy content onto your system

    Business 21 12:27

  • Apple denies it's cancelled would-be NT killer

    MacOS X Server will ship says Great Stan of fruit

    Business 21 12:33

  • CRTs beat back flat panel challenge

    Average selling prices continue to decline

    Business 21 12:50

  • Ericsson selects Secure's SoftToken for intelligent phones

    Deal to allay mobile data security fears

    Business 21 13:29

  • Action halfway to £500m target

    Selective acquisitions planned (as opposed to non-selective acquisitions unplanned)

    Business 21 13:39

  • ATI confirms Chromatic buyout

    It's all about system-on-a-chip technology

    Business 21 14:21

  • Ideal Hardware founders ease the reins

    Name change and reorganisation, too

    Business 21 14:56

  • Lucent unveils voice-over-IP line

    ClearTrac integrates voice, data over frame relay

    Business 21 15:01

  • Bristol's Microsoft antitrust suit cranks on

    Lawsuits? Sure, we got lawsuits...

    Business 21 18:51

  • CHS juggles finances following collapse of Vobis buyout

    Parent renegotiates earnout payments of subsidiaries

    Business 21 19:59

  • PhoneLink profitability in sight says CEO

    Acquisition strategy drives return to the black -- but not this year

    Business 21 20:03

  • Airline startup AB gets thumbs down from IT execs, spin doctor and hacks

    Lack of service in straw poll causes major grousea

    Business 21 20:27

  • Microsoft draws blood in Netscape battle

    But actually, the 'victory' means a lot less than Microsoft thinks

    Business 21 20:53